Company formation services

As part of our tax and business planning service we often advise clients to use a limited company structure to make the most of the available tax breaks and to limit commercial risk. A business run through a limited company can also give the appearance of a more established organisation than an individual sole trader or professional.

Our company secretarial service has a lot of experience of forming limited companies and can normally arrange for this to be done within 24 hours.

Our Brighton formations team will ask you for the core information that is required to set up the company such as:

  • Preferred name – we can advise on the availability of particular names, and any general restrictions on terms that can be included under company law.
  • Registered office address – many of our clients use our address for this purpose.
  • Identity of directors – we can help you to understand your legal obligations as directors.
  • Ownership of the company – the company may be owned by its director(s) or ownership may be more widely held, depending on your requirements.
  • Directors’ service addresses – it is allowed for directors to use a business address for publication at Companies House for privacy reasons, and we can advise on suitable options.

If you require a basic company structure to be set up quickly, this can be done with a minimum share capital and one director, with refinements left until after it has been formed. These might include the appointment of further directors and the issue of additional shares to other shareholders. Our team will assist in arriving at the right set up for you.

Once the company is formed you can get on with opening a bank account and starting to deal with customers and suppliers – we can help you to understand the legal requirements for the company’s paperwork and commercial arrangements, and of course our tax team will be here to make sure that you are complying with corporation tax and VAT rules.

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