Chaser is cloud based credit control software that provides the tools to effectively automate chasing customers to pay their invoices without losing the human touch. It gives you the insights to better decide which customers to grant credit to and how best to chase up your customers to pay their invoices.

Key Features

Customised templates

Scheduling of your email chasers

Manage your credit control process

One click integration


  • Chaser is beneficial to businesses who have a high volume of invoices and/or a high value debt balance.
  • Chaser is intelligent automatic debtor chasing with a human touch, that pulls your invoice information from Xero.
  • Customise email chaser templates to fit your own style, and schedule email chasers to go out at a set date.
  • Personalise chaser emails with your own signature, and once payment is received you can arrange for an automatic ‘thanks for paying’ message to build goodwill with customers.
  • Inbuilt system to log best and worst paying customers and log all mail chasers and emails received concerning an invoice to save searching inbox for details.


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