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Dedicated accounting expertise for estate agents

As an estate agent, your focus will be on assisting clients with buying, selling and renting properties. However, managing your own finances is equally important so you can keep doing what you do best.

At Plus Accounting, we understand the unique financial challenges estate agents face day in, day out. We can help you handle them.

We can assist your business in a number of ways — managing your business accounts, ensuring tax compliance, and providing tax-efficient solutions that help you save some money.

We can also help you with the strategic elements of your estate agency. So, we’ll analyse your financial numbers to check everything is above board, and you’re on your way to hitting your goals.

We can also review your cashflow management strategies to ensure you’re maximising your income and minimising your spending while keeping your business ticking.

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Local property developer

Their philosophy is different to mainstream accountants in that they are approachable and dynamic. The simplest of queries are always answered clearly and promptly. I would not hesitate in recommending them to old and new companies looking to make a refreshing switch. 

Matthew Smith
Property Developer

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