Eco Pledge

Plus Accounting are an innovative and forward thinking practice – we are keen to have a positive impact on our local community and create a quality programme that invests in both our internal and external environments.

Eco- friendly Plus Accounting

How are we working towards an environmentally friendly office?

Eco- friendly cleaning

Our office is deep cleaned in an Eco-friendly way by the team over at GreenMop, who are an ethical and reliable Eco cleaning company serving commercial premises in Brighton and Hove.


We recycle as much as possible from paper & plastics to toner cartridges and office equipment.

Reusable Water bottles

Each member of staff is provided with a re-usable water bottle. These are hand washed which reduces the amount of times a dishwasher is used.


We urge our staff to seek alternative ways of travel so we can reduce the amount of car emissions used. We promote the use of walking and cycling to work where possible and offer the chance for staff to work from home on certain occasions.

Walking Club

Every fortnight our team go for a walk around Preston Park to get some fresh air.

Video/ Online Calls

We strongly suggest making video calls with our clients if they are not local to Brighton as this prevents our clients from having long journeys which reduces car emissions.

Dress Down Days

We hold office dress down days which gives our team the advantage of wearing casual clothes around the office. This limits the need for air conditioning in the summer months.

Birthday eCards

We now produce birthday eCards for staff on their special day which prevent needless packaging.

Digital Accounting

Cloud based accounting software – the team are fully trained in using Xero which is a cloud based accounting software. We are also partners with Receipt Bank!

Paperless scanning, storage and filing – we use a paperless scanning programme in IRIS OpenDocs.

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