Part time or interim finance director

Plus Accounting can offer your business the assistance of a part time or interim Finance Director at a fraction of the cost of employing someone full time.

A Part Time Finance Director gives you the support you need and will provide you with a full grasp of your management information which puts you in control of your business and means you are less likely to have unpleasant surprises.

We get the job done by dealing with the financial detail, allowing you to focus on running your business with the benefit of insightful financial information.

Having your own Finance Director provides you with the advice, support and commercial experience directly relevant to your business.
Working with us means we can help you to;

  • Understand your overall financial situation
  • Measure the performance of your business
  • Receive accurate profitability and cashflow forecasting
  • Manage your way out of problems and create a strong financial footing to move forward
  • Develop a business plan to understand your business and assess its profitability
  • Make sure that you have an accurate cashflow management system in place

Detailed Management and Financial Reporting

Accurately measuring the financial performance of your business is often overlooked, however it is critical to know how you are performing if you are to run a successful operation. We can assist you with ensuring your financial information is up to date and accurate and help with the preparation of detailed management and financial reports.

Profitability and Cashflow Forecasting

We can design and develop reports enabling you to assess your future profitability and forecast future cash requirements.

Cashflow Management

We can help ensure you have a healthy cashflow management system in place.

We can guide you and assist with implementing decisions that need to be taken to ensure your company survival and profitability.

Why not contact Emma Hardwick to find out more about outsourced Part Time Finance Director services on 01273 701200 or email

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