Guest Blog – Who is Finstock Capital?

Who is Finstock Capital?

Finstock Capital is a specialist finance provider to games companies based in the UK. Founded by two characters not dissimilar to Mario and Luigi (but without the required moustaches), our origins in video games started through traditional loans to games companies against their future cashflows – in this case against future tax credits. Like the characters’ travels through the Mushroom Kingdom, we have also developed and grown – by extending our offering to games project finance and publisher finance.

How it started

VGTR loans are an accessible source of finance for games companies amongst a range of different options. Where traditional bank finance is often not available and founders are unwilling to be diluted through equity issuance, VGTR loans can be a good solution to cash flow support at pinch points through the year. Finstock Capital works with accountants, such as Plus Accounting, to understand the games development costs and the likely cash rebate from HMRC. It can lend up to 75% against this claim when it is submitted in the future. Finstock can lend up to £5m against these tax credits and has worked with an array of different UK based developers, including Outright Games and Stainless Games.

How it’s going

If Level 1 was against Koopa Trooper with our VGTR offering then today we are at Bowser’s Castle. We now work with some of the UK’s best known publishers to provide game finance to UK and global games developers. These aren’t always against VGTR but are recoupable against a game’s revenues or can be repaid against a platform transaction. Some of the games that we are involved in funding are actually with our publisher partners such as Green Man Gaming.


Finstock provided Outright Games Ltd a bridging loan facility against our Video Games Tax Credit during the HMRC processing period. The process was straight forwards and the terms equally open and clearly explained. The documentation was some of the clearest and comprehensible I have seen in over thirty years and the finalisation of the facility was not time consuming. Oliver and Edo were responsible and business like throughout and we would certainly come back to Finstock should we need a similar facility in the future. — Lis Robinson – CFO, Outright Games


If you would like to get in touch, please contact us on and we will be happy to arrange an introductory call to go through any questions you may have.

Author: Finstock Capital 

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Date published: 16 February 2022

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