What are the best tips for getting into the video games industry at a young age?

A recent report from Ukie showed that there were 2,108 active games companies across the UK in 2016. Other key facts about the UK games market include;

This shows that the games market in the UK is growing at a great pace which is making it a very competitive industry. Therefore, entering the industry at a young age can be daunting, but here are a few tips on where to start;

Understand what you want to do!

As the Video Games Industry grows the different pathways are increasing, with more options available when it comes to positions and jobs. Therefore, you need to understand the jobs and positions available to you and figure out which suits you best. You can do this by looking at an apprenticeship, internship or work experience in the studios that stand out to you.

Research the industry

Make yourself aware of what you need to know to help you prepare.

Check out our Indie Dev Guides and our Video Games Industry page on our website here.

Start your very own blog on games

Why not write up articles on current trends or the latest topics in the industry and build your audience and personal profile in the gaming sector. Alternatively, streaming games content on YouTube or Twitch can help you get a foot into the industry.

Self-Motivation, Hard work & Persistence

Producing games can take time so it is important to stay self-motivated through the entire process. The hard work will be worth it in the end! It might also be beneficial to reach out to gamers or studios that you admire and ask for their advice and support.

Be efficient

Make the most of your time by focusing on the development of the game and get others to help with other elements. For example, we can take care of your finances and give you one less thing to worry about!

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Author: James Hooper, Marketing Assistant, Plus Accounting

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