On a sunny afternoon in Brighton, I had the pleasure of visiting an art space that held a fascinating secret: an array of Shaun by the Sea sculptures. As a sponsor of this incredible project, I was excited to see the progress being made on our very own Shaun Le Sheep, expertly brought to life by the talented artist Sara Pope. Although I cannot disclose the exact location due to its top-secret nature, I can certainly share the excitement from my visit and the anticipation for the next phase of Shaun Le Sheep!

As I made my way through the art space, I was extremely excited when I caught sight of our very own Shaun Le Sheep sculpture. Standing tall, the white canvas of Shaun’s body was ready to be transformed into a vibrant masterpiece, by our amazing artist Sara Pope.

It was great to speak with Sara and hear about her vision for Shaun Le Sheep and how he or she (we haven’t decided yet!) was forming a personality! Sara took me through the paints and the process she was using to bring Shaun Le Sheep to life – how she wanted to paint everything once and once only, so preparation is key!

Being in the space meant I could have a sneak peek of the other Shaun’s coming to life and meet some of the other fantastic artists involved in the project. Everyone was excited to have the Trail back on the streets and of course raise some funding for Martets Hospice. It was amazing to witness the transformative journey these sculptures were undertaking and seeing some of the intricate designs on this scale really highlighted the talent of these incredible artists.

Seeing our artist Sara Pope passionately talk about our sponsored Shaun Le Sheep was really exciting and I cannot wait to return to the art space to witness Shaun Le Sheep’s magnificent transformation!

June Update

On Friday 23 June, we headed to the secret art space for a second look at our Shaun Le Sheep which is progressing nicely thanks to the wonderful work of our artist Sara Pope.

The artwork for Shaun Le Sheep is nearly there and we can’t wait to share the design with you!

About Sara Pope 

Following a successful career in the fashion industry, where she worked as a shoe designer for Paul Smith and an art director/designer for various magazines, Sara Pope made the move to start painting, taking the contemporary art world by storm. Sara Pope is well known for her bold and seductive paintings of glossy lips.

Sara Pope’s work has been shown in numerous solo exhibitions and art fairs across London and internationally, including Next Street Gallery, Paris, The Saatchi Gallery, London, The London Original Print Fair at the Royal Academy of Arts and SCOPE Miami, and sells work regularly at auction at Bonhams Auction House. (Enter Gallery).