Sector specific expertise which allows us to focus on making fun games- Pixel Envision Ltd

Pixel Envision Ltd became a client of Plus Accounting just over 3 years ago. They felt that our “knowledge and sector specific expertise…’ was exactly what they needed and it meant that they could focus on making fun video games.

They added;

“For the past few years, we’ve been regularly attending game developer conferences in London & Brighton, such as Pocket Gamers Connect & Develop. One of our business associates suggested that we should be apply for VGTR tax relief and specifically recommended Luke (Thomas) and Plus Accounting.

I had no idea what the VGTR is and that was also true for our accountant at the time. I’d tried to look at it on-line, but it seemed too complicated to handle by myself.

So, it was clear that we’ll need specialist knowledge and it’s time to move on. After meeting with Luke we knew that we won’t need to look any further”.

Pixel Envision use a number of our accounting and personal tax services, including Accounts Preparation, Payroll, Business Tax, VAT Accounting, Personal Tax & Self Assessment.

As a small husband/wife team, manpower is their biggest issue. When asked where we have helped them develop as a firm they replied;

“Being a small husband/wife team indie studio has its ups and downs, but clearly the biggest issue is the manpower we have. So, we should be spending all our time on game development instead of worrying about day-to-day accounting/business tasks, preparing returns, trying to keep track of tax law changes, etc. Plus Accounting does all that, feels like a natural extension of our business and helps us focus on one thing we should be doing, which is making fun games”.

Luke has also completed their Video Games Tax Relief Claims and supported them through this process. Erdener felt that this support was extremely important to them as a small indie studio;

“Yes, most specific one to mention would be your help for our VGTR claims. Its complex process starting from the eligibility of our apps to receiving the certificate from BFI. Luke even helped me connect to someone from BFI who kindly replied to all of my questions throughout the process. At the end, the tax savings and refunds we’ve received was a big help to keep us afloat”.

Finally, we asked Erdener if he would be happy to recommend us and he replied;

“Yes, of course! All the staff members we’ve been in touch with have been very friendly, helpful & knowledgeable. All of my questions answered promptly and everything’s working smoothly since day one, what more can anyone ask for?”

Erdener Gonenc

Pixel Envision Ltd

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