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We speak to Alastair Irons about why he became a client of Plus Accounting;

“I’ve been working with Plus Accounting since 2005 when I was part of the MBO team investing in the company and we needed an accountant. The firm was really competitive compared with the big national firms”.

Apart from being reasonably priced, Plus Accounting offered us flexibility, responsiveness and a personal service. We were also impressed by the excellent introductions to other financial and legal advisers the firm was able to provide – essential during the MBO process.

While not the key reason we appointed the firm, being situated nearby is also important to us – as OnAgency likes to work with local firms.

Over recent years, Plus Accounting has continued to provide us with a flexible and responsive service.

Recently, Plus Accounting has worked with me during a fairly complex company takeover – when I bought out the other MBO partners through a share buy-back. So it feels as if we have come full circle. We got together over an MBO and now the team has worked alongside me throughout the takeover.

As well as the day-to-day advice, the preparation of statutory accounts and auditing, Plus Accounting has also advised on company valuations, the selection and implementation of accounting software and the introduction of an Enterprise Management Incentive scheme that rewards all our employees.

At Plus Accounting the whole team is proactive. They keep me up-to-date on anything I need to know and invite to me to useful seminars and networking events.

I really would say that Plus Accounting is ideally suited to companies of our size – private limited companies with around 30 staff.

What’s more, over the years, Plus Accounting has never said ‘no’ to anything. Even if it is not in the position to say ‘yes’, the firm has helped to come up with a solution and pointed the company in the right direction.”

Alastair Irons
OnAgency Limited

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