McDonald’s Brighton: A Family Legacy of Success

In the bustling seaside city of Brighton, where the waves crash against the pebbled shores and the vibrant culture blends seamlessly with a corporate world, there’s a story that epitomises the harmony between a global brand and a local family. This story revolves around the franchise business of six McDonald’s restaurants and the transition of leadership from the visionary father, Ismet Turen, to his determined daughter, Yas Turen.

Paul Feist from Plus Accounting visiting client Ismet Turen of McDonald's

From Father to Daughter: A Legacy Carried Forward

The story began with Ismet Turen, a Brighton-based entrepreneur who recognised the potential of the McDonald’s franchise model. Growing from one (Western Road) to four restaurants in the early stages, Ismet’s entrepreneurial spirit drove him to expand the business even further, eventually encompassing outlets in Burgess Hill and Newhaven. Within his eventual six restaurants he acquired ‘tricky’ loss making restaurants, which due to the successful way he ran the businesses quickly turned around. His journey wasn’t just about business; it was about embedding his mark within the community and creating a family legacy.

However, life took an unexpected turn when Ismet, the driving force behind the local McDonald’s franchises, sadly passed away in 2020. Yas embraced the challenge of taking on a large business and embarked on a journey to continue her father’s vision of success.

Paul and Ismet at McDonalds NewhavenPlus Case Study McDonalds

A Local Touch to a Global Brand

What makes Ismet’s McDonald’s restaurants stand out isn’t just their association with the iconic golden arches, but the threads of a Brighton family story woven into its fabric. The journey has been a blend of corporate excellence and the personal touch of a local family. Ismet Turen’s relationship with Plus Accounting, a local accounting firm, mirrored this fusion perfectly.

It was in 2006 that Ismet became a client of Brighton based Plus Accounting, who came on the recommendation of an existing client. The local connection resonated with him, and the proximity of the team became a cornerstone of their relationship. Paul Feist, Managing Director of Plus Accounting, was a crucial figure in Ismet’s journey, offering financial expertise and guidance.

A Partnership of Expertise and Trust

As Ismet’s franchise business expanded, the partnership with Plus Accounting evolved in tandem. The transition from a sole trader to a limited company for some outlets was a pivotal moment, underpinned by Paul’s guidance. This transition was not just about financial strategies; it symbolised the collaboration between a local business and a local accounting firm, working together to navigate the complexities of corporate growth.

Plus Accounting’s role extended beyond traditional accounting services. They didn’t just crunch numbers; they understood the nuances of a McDonald’s franchise operation. This understanding allowed them to not only handle financial aspects but also contribute to the broader success of the business. From monthly management accounts, tax advice to the annual audit and company tax returns, Plus Accounting was an intrinsic partner on this journey.

Empowering the Future: Yas Turen and Emma Hardwick

With the mantle of leadership passing to Yas, the business had found a new custodian. Yas didn’t navigate this journey alone, she established a strong relationship with Emma, the Senior Business Services Manager at Plus Accounting. Emma’s expertise in management accounts and Xero-related matters proved instrumental by giving Yas the financial data she needed to help run the restaurants.

Beyond Business: A Community Connection

McDonald’s isn’t just about serving up Big Macs and fries; it’s about serving the community. Ismet’s Chairmanship of the Ronald McDonald House charity in Brighton reflected the commitment of the franchise to give something back to the city that embraced it. He even persuaded Paul to become a Board Member! The charity provides accommodation to families of sick children during hospital stays, offering solace and support during challenging times.

The partnership between the Turen family and Plus Accounting extended beyond financial matters. It stretched into the community, exemplifying how businesses can integrate with local causes and make a positive impact.

A Recipe for Success: Collaboration, Legacy, and Community

The story of Ismet’s McDonald’s franchise is a testament to the power of collaboration, the significance of family legacy, and how a global brand can be integrated into the local business community. From Ismet’s pioneering spirit to Yas’s determined leadership, and from Paul’s financial expertise to Emma’s day to day guidance, every element of this story has contributed to the success of the business.

McDonalds’ Brighton

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