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Breathe HR is a software that saves people – just like you – time and hassle on HR admin. Breathe HR is the number one, cloud-based HR software solution for SMEs.

We caught up with Jonathan Richards at Breathe HR….

Jonathan explained that even before we started working with him we made several suggestions about areas of the business that they could improve and areas where they could save money, without any obligation to become a client.

Now a client for a number of years, Jonathan says the “proactive approach” has continued to this very day, with Paul providing advice on areas of the business that they could be doing differently every time they meet.

“The fact that Plus Accounting is local is good but not the be all and end all. The excellent advice and support the team provides is far more important to us.”

According to Jonathan, we have taken time to understand every aspect of his business enabling us to support them with areas such as, Research and Development tax credits.

We have also assisted them in the establishment of an Enterprise Management Incentive Scheme which has seen the BreatheHR staff members enjoy share options in the company.

“With previous advisers, I have always felt reluctant to pick up the phone when I’ve needed to ask a quick question – as I could feel the clock ticking away in the background. This isn’t the case with Plus Accounting. We’ve got a fixed fee service package, which means any of our team members can give them a call without feeling that it’s costing us lots of additional money. I guess that means we are ultimately more open with Plus Accounting – as we are always happy to share information about what’s going on in the business.”

Jonathan ended with; Paul and the team provide us with a great sounding board – they are always there when we need them.”

Jonathan Richards
breatheHR, Horsham

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