Jason Woodford: Empowering Growth: From Chance Encounter to Trusted Advisor

 Since 2002, Plus Accounting has been a cornerstone in the growth story of SiteVisibility, providing comprehensive accounting services that have empowered strategic decisions and fuelled expansion. Jason Woodford, now helping other marketing agency owners to sell their businesses, as well as being Director of CEO of Room Above a Pub Ltd and RoughAgenda Ltd, reflects on the pivotal role Plus Accounting played in SiteVisibility’s journey, transforming a casual cricket team acquaintance into a trusted partner in business.

From Chance Encounter to Trusted Advisor

The partnership between SiteVisibility and Plus Accounting began serendipitously when Jason and Paul Feist found themselves on the same cricket team. Jason recalls, “Paul and I were playing in the same cricket team when I told him I am setting up my own company; he said he’d help get me set up and wouldn’t charge me for the first year.” This gesture of support and belief in Jason’s vision set the foundation for a lasting partnership. Surviving the crucial first year, Jason continued to entrust Plus Accounting with his accounting needs, a decision that has proven invaluable over the years.

Comprehensive Services Tailored for Growth

Plus Accounting’s suite of services has been instrumental in facilitating SiteVisibility’s growth trajectory. From accounting advice for various businesses to shareholder administration, year-end tax calculations, company valuations, and consultancy for M&A activities, Plus Accounting has been a reliable partner at every stage of SiteVisibility’s evolution. Jason emphasises, “Paul and the team provide reliable advice which allows me to concentrate on running my businesses.”

Navigating Complex Financial Terrain

In the complex landscape of mergers and acquisitions, Plus Accounting’s expertise has been indispensable. Jason comments, “In a recent M&A transaction, when I sold SiteVisibility, Plus Accounting helped me understand the completion accounts process as well as the complex taxation issues.” The clear recommendations and expert guidance instilled confidence in Jason, enabling informed decisions amidst complex financial intricacies.

A Partnership Built on Trust and Understanding

What sets Plus Accounting apart is our deep understanding of digital marketing businesses like SiteVisibility, coupled with a personalised approach that aligns with the client’s objectives. Jason affirms, “Plus Accounting understands digital marketing businesses as well as my own objectives for my own businesses.” Beyond professional competence, it’s the personal touch and unwavering availability of Paul and the team that have built a relationship of trust and reliability.

Not just a Financial Advisor

As Jason concludes, “Paul and the team are also a very nice bunch of people to work with.” Beyond the realm of numbers and figures, it’s the human element that defines the Plus Accounting experience. Through their unwavering support, strategic guidance, and commitment to excellence, Plus Accounting has not only been a financial advisor but a true partner in SiteVisibility’s journey to success.

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