Introducing secure document exchange- Plus Accounting Client Portal

The Secure Document Exchange provides a secure, confidential environment for accountants and their clients to upload, view, edit and transfer confidential information such as tax returns and sets of accounts. We understand that security is at the forefront of our clients’ minds and confidentiality is our number one priority. We are aware that sending documents via email and the postal system is potentially insecure, as they can be intercepted.

We believe that our Client Portal will offer our clients the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their details are in safe hands.

Within the Client Portal, we will upload various documents, such as tax returns, and send them for approval. Clients will be notified via email that a document has been sent and this can then be accessed by signing in to the clients individual section of the Client Portal using their password. Clients will be able to approve the relevant documents by selecting ‘Approve’ and returning them to us via the Portal. If clients wish to send us any documents, these can be uploaded via a PDF file and sent to us, again via the Portal. There will be no need for actual signatures or printing.

It is important to always have the correct email address on record and any changes should be notified as soon as possible.

When the account is activated, a Welcome email is sent from the Client Portal asking clients to confirm receipt of their account and create a password. Once the individual Client Portal has been set up the client will have access to a Dashboard showing any exchanged documents and approval requests.

The software was launched in July 2016 and clients of Plus Accounting will automatically be assigned a Client Portal during the coming months unless we have been advised otherwise. We believe that this way of communicating will provide the security which we all require and an efficient way of dealing with tax and accounting affairs going forward.

Victoria King | Plus Accounting | Brighton Accountants

For more information on the Client Portal, please contact Vicky King on 01273 701200 or

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