Here are a group of people who believe they can make a difference in the world. They believe that creating health is more than preventing or treating disease. They are here to work in partnership with others to generate solutions that centre on living well, creating possibilities for genuine care, driven by knowing what matters most to you, so that they can tailor treatment to fit for you, your life and your community.

We have completed multiple audits for Here (Care Unbound Ltd) over the past few years. They have continued to work with us on these as we take the time to really understand their needs, and have provided some much needed continuity when they had a change within their Finance Team. Lesley Jay, the Financial Director at Here believes that the continuity has been both ‘preferable and beneficial’ to the company.

As well as providing them with audit compliance and management, we also support them with any tax issues and provide advice and guidance, as needed. We have helped in a number of key areas over the last 18 months, such as the changes within the tax and accounting policies. More specifically we have helped Here on more complex areas, such as income recognition and the implications of VAT when selling overseas.

“They have always been very quick to respond and helpful”.

When asked if they would be happy to recommend Plus Accounting they responded as follows;

“Yes. They really get to know your organisation and feel more like a partner in our journey than an auditor.

Lesley Jay @ Here (Care Unbound Ltd)