Guest Blog: The Social Society

The Social Society is the UK’s first social club for social good. We host collaborative, unique social events throughout the year that give back to local charities.

Businesses can fulfill their own corporate social responsibility by helping to build robust foundations within local charities. Social events help build resilient communities whilst reducing social isolation and improving the well being of team members as well as communities.

We work by listening to the needs of the people at ground level and believe communities with a knowledge of their local area and its key issues are best placed to provide this support.

The benefits that are provided with joining the Social Society include an increase in brand awareness, positive health and well being and a strong CSR programme.

A standard subscription cost to community members is £11.99 with other business packages available to suit the required members.

Join the social club for social good and give back to your community!

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We believe in being involved with the local business community and that is why we network extensively, host regular business seminars, write blogs and have many trusted, professional contacts