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GPs must join a Primary Care Network to be eligible for enhanced funding

Primary Care Network Contracts- Key points

  • New Network Contract DES (Directed Enhanced Service) introduced as the mechanism for flowing additional funding to primary care.
  • GP Practices have until 15 May 2019 to sign up to the Network Contract DES by completing and returning their PCN registration
  • Practices are not obliged to join a network, but those will not be eligible for a share of the £1.799bn funding
  • Once approved by the CCG, all member practices will need to sign the mandatory PCN agreement. Whilst this is in a non-negotiable standard form, it does contain various schedules which are to be populated specific to the requirements of each particular PCN
  • It is vital that practices think through the detail to go into the schedules with care, to ensure they have a clear legal agreement on which to rely when PCN decisions have to be made.

Introducing the new Network Contract DES

The concept of a primary care network is far from new. Structures similar to those that will result from the new PCN contracts have been developing for some time.

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Author: Stewart Gregory, Partner, Rix & Kay Solicitors LLP

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