What is Gorilla in the room? A virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) company providing products and services to the market research sector. They teleport respondents to past or future purchase decisions by immersing them in real world situations. Enabling them to see new product designs in the real-world context where real decisions happen. Add their award-winning VR and AR market research technology to your research project and you can also scale qual experiences to quant samples. Saving time and money. Conducting research which wasn’t possible before. To accurately predict consumer purchase decisions so marketers increase sales.

Gorilla in the Room have been a client of ours for over a year now and chose Plus Accounting to be their “long term partner” who could support their growth from venture capital fund raising to scale up and eventually exit. “Plus Accounting were our clear favourite as they took the time to understand our business and have subsequently delivered a range of invaluable services”

They use our standard services such as Annual Company filings, VAT returns, R&D tax credits and Xero support as well as advice on venture capital fund raising and associated issues. They said that “Plus Accounting were invaluable during our seed investment round as they helped on a range of topics from cap table restructuring to processing due diligence and legal documents”.

When asked how we’ve helped their company develop they responded with; “Having a solid accountancy firm has helped us focus on growing our business as we can rely on Plus Accounting to quickly and effectively advise on both strategic questions as well as tactical issues”.

“I frequently recommend Plus Accounting to business contacts as they provide a high-quality service across a broad range of areas. Importantly, they genuinely take an interest in your business and you feel like you have a partner rather than, simply, a supplier”.