Changing Accountants is easy

Business owners can often be worried about the process of changing their accountants and this can stop people moving to a more suitable advisor.

In reality, the process is fairly straightforward and the newly appointed accountants would do most of the legwork involved in the switch.

Once a person is aware they wish to change, it would be a matter of letting their current accountant know and authorising them to release information to the new accountant. That pretty much is it from the client’s point of view.

The new accountant would send a clearance letter asking any reasons why they should not act for the client and requesting the information required to start working for the client, such as previous sets of accounts and tax return schedules.

Chartered Accountants are bound by a professional code of ethics which require firms to follow a procedure when corresponding between each other.  The existing accountant must promptly answer any communication and confirm any matters the prospective accountant should be made aware of.

The Institute of Chartered Accountants will penalise firms not following the correct procedures.

In practice the majority of accountants will communicate in a professional manner and will understand that clients moving on is a common enough occurrence for a variety of reasons, despite any disappointment they may feel.

If you do feel worried about any aspect of changing accountants be assured, there is nothing to it!

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