7 Top Tips for Entrepreneurs

7 Top Tips for Entrepreneurs

We are all aware that in the vast majority of cases, employees are the greatest asset of any business and in most companies, they represent the largest investment.  It therefore makes perfect sense to ensure that staff are carefully chosen and looked after.  The following tips are the key “do’s” and “don’ts”  when it comes to your most precious commodity!

1.Go Maverick – pick people on their personality and do not their CV.  Don’t play too safe,  the mavericks will make you more money.

2.Don’t accept Mediocrity – aim to have a business full of people who you rate 9 or 10 because the better your people, the better your business.

3.Celebrate the Stars – look after your superstars and find ways to praise your top performers

4.Keep your Ear to the Ground – make sure you regularly meet all of the people who work in your business because talking to them will tell you a lot more than staring at reports

5.Train for Tomorrow – keep investing in training because by helping your people to improve and progress their careers, they will profit the business

  1. Do Discriminate– well, sometimes!  It’s ok to discriminate against Mr Lazy, Miss Late and Mrs Grumpy.
  2. Don’t be a Dictator–  don’t issue orders, manage by trusting your team and give them the confidence to run the business by giving them support

Written by Paul Feist, Managing Director

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