More than half of people don't have a will, and many others have a will they have failed to update, according to research by Royal London.

Out of 2,006 adults surveyed, 54% admitted they don't have a will, and 59% of parents either don't have a will or have one that's out of date.

Around 53% of people had not updated their will, despite around three in ten (31%) having experienced a significant life event since they made it.

Many are unaware that getting married or entering into a civil partnership will cancel any previously existing wills.

Mona Patel, consumer spokesperson for Royal London, said:

"Once you have a will, you should update it after any significant life events that could affect your financial situation, such as getting married, divorced or starting a family.

"Taking these important steps allows you to have peace of mind knowing that when you're gone your wishes will be met."

While using a solicitor remains the most popular way of writing a will, we can also help with drawing up a will as part of our estate planning service.

Most of the survey respondents who had written a will described the process as "quick" (85%) and "easy" (90%).

Contact us to discuss your will.

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