A quick update on all things MakerClub and BrightSparks to put a smile on your face for the week…

With support from some of Brighton’s most forward-thinking companies, MakerClub has just opened the doors to the cities first permanent making and inventing workshop built solely for young people.

The ‘MakerClub Lab’ contains tools, 3D printers, laptops and craft materials for young people to learn advanced creative technology and design skills in a safe and guided environment.

Companies like Plus Accounting, have helped sponsor 35 local children to attend the space for 12 months. The children have been put forward by their schools by showing an aptitude for creativity, or technology. (Participants had to be receiving free school meals to be considered).

This is the next generation of developers, designers, creatives, engineers and digital makers.

And, this is just the beginning! 

Next month, MakerClub will announce the biggest project they have ever worked on, and its all about Brighton – watch this space!

MakerClub and BrightSparks - latest update...