BrightSparks launched in March 2017 and since then they have been really busy…MakerClub BrightSparks 2017 Impact Report.

It’s tremendously exciting for us to see such appetite among businesses to help their local communities. 

The figures highlight how engaged BrightSparks are in the programme, with most retention rates for similar interventions falling far below 79%.

We’re really proud of this, and the team has worked very hard to ensure that our young people have felt motivated and part of the ‘crew’. Of course, we could do better, and while we clearly need to engage more volunteers in the programme, it feels like the main issue here is capacity. We have far more children and schools applying than funded spaces.

This is a problem. It also feels like our impact numbers are quite low, even though this is a long term intervention, the feedback we’ve had from Primary schools means that we may have to rethink how we deliver MakerClub to ensure more children have access.

Based on these figures, we have a plan as to how we can evolve the programme, but it will need your input and help over the next few months. We will be speaking to each of our donating companies on a 1-2-1 basis to get your feedback as to how we can improve our communications and get your organisations more involved. Roll on 2018!


For the Full Impact Report – read the copy here!