Sussex University Health Centre: Feeling better each day!

Sussex University Health Centre offers core medical services and caters mainly for the students at the Unversity of Sussex, and they strive to tailor their services to match the needs of their practice population.

There has been a health service operating from the Unversity of Sussex campus since the 1960's. Over the years this service has evolved and developed and they pride themselves on offering primary health care services targeted at the student population of Brighton & Hove.

We recently spoke to one of the Centre's GP's, Dr Jan Austera about how Plus Accounting have helped the practice grow...

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How long have you been a client for Plus Accounting?

We have actually been a client for 18 years

Why did you choose Plus Accounting?

If offers very good service specialised in general practice

What services of Plus Accounting do you use?

Practice accounts, partner's personal accounts, monthly management accounts, payroll practice and personal financial management advice, tax advice & pension planning - quite a lot!

How has the firm helped your Practice develop?

Plus Accounting helped us improve our financial management and our overall performance through our management accounts and strategic advice.

Are there any specific areas/issues that we have helped you with?

Plus Accounting specifically helped us with managing complex tax and pension issues and also with personal financial planning.

Would you be happy to recommend the firm and why?

Yes. In our opinion Plus Accounting provides an efficient expert service and value for money. It is easy to get help quickly and the service is friendly and feels quite personal.

In my experience the firm is ready to correct any inaccuracies swiftly and constructively.


Dr Jan Austera
Sussex University Health Centre

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