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Did you miss our January Workshop? GDPR – back to basics.

25 Jan 18

If you’ve come across people in your network talking about GDPR, but are unsure about what it is and what it means for your business, you are not alone.

Is your company a punch bag?

11 Jan 18

A recent article in the Sunday Times featuring Steve Easterbrook, the CEO of MacDonald’s caught my eye, not only because we look after the accounting and tax affairs of a number of McDonalds restaurants but also because Easterbrook is one of only three Britons who lead a company in the Dow Jones index of America’s top 30 companies.

Unsolicited /phishing emails - Companies House

09 Jan 18

Be suspicious of unsolicited emails, even if they look like they're from a trusted source.

Abolition of Credit Card charges - good news for everyone?

08 Jan 18

Abolition of credit card charges is not good news for everyone - especially those personal taxpayers who have got used to paying their tax by credit card in order to spread the cost rather than take the hit one month after Christmas.

Monthly Xero Apps Update

19 Dec 17

Take a look at our monthly update on the latest Xero Apps for businesses just like yours.

What The Tech? December 2017

12 Dec 17

Cryptocurrencies are a form of digital currency, existing solely in electronic form. They are not controlled by banks or companies and therefore are completely decentralised, from which arises most of the benefits and risks of using them.

Do you have a Business Challenge? Perhaps a Masters Student can help...

04 Dec 17

The MSc Entrepreneurship and Innovation Research Project is an opportunity for companies and master-level students of the University of Sussex to collaborate for mutual benefit.

What he gives with one hand he takes away (more!) with the other

24 Nov 17

During the November 2017 budget it was announced that the income tax personal allowance will be increased from £11,500 in 2017/18 to £11,850 in 2018/19.

Tax Relief for Investment Entrepreneurial Companies

23 Nov 17

The Chancellor announced in his speech that restrictions would be improved on 'less risky' investments in EIS/SEIS companies and VCTs.

Monthly Xero Apps Update

21 Nov 17

Take a look at our monthly update on the latest Xero Apps for businesses just like yours.

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