Part Time Finance Director

Independent CFO Limited offers your business the assistance of a part time Finance Director at a fraction of the cost of employing someone full time.

A Part Time Finance Director gives you the support you need and will provide you with a full grasp of your management information which puts you in control of your business and means you are less likely to have unpleasant surprises.

We get the job done by dealing with the financial detail, allowing you to focus on running your business with the benefit of insightful financial information.

Having your own Finance Director provides you with the advice, support and commercial experience directly relevant to your business.

Working with us means we can help you to;

  • Understand your overall financial situation
  • Measure the performance of your business
  • Receive accurate profitability and cashflow forecasting
  • Raise finance, improve working capital and reduce debts
  • Manage your way out of problems and create a strong financial footing to move forward
  • Plan production and appraise projects
  • Develop a business plan to understand your business and assess its profitability
  • Make sure that you have an accurate cashflow management system in place

Detailed Management and Financial Reporting

Accurately measuring the financial performance of your business is often overlooked, however it is critical to know how you are performing if you are to run a successful operation. We design management information systems that give you the information you need to run your business and ensure you're aware of what product/service lines are profitable. Additionally our reports will enable you to effectively measure and control your working capital. 

Profitability and Cashflow Forecasting

We design and develop reports enabling you to assess your future profitability and forecast future cash requirements.

Strategic Financial Advice

If you need help making sense of your financial situation, or if the business has reached a critical stage, we can help you manage your way out of problems and create a strong financial footing to move forward. We work with you to make sure you've got a robust financial strategy and are taking the appropriate action to ensure your business stays profitable.

Business Planning Production and Appraisal

Developing a reliable business plan is crucial to understanding your business and assessing its profitability. It is also an essential requirement for raising finance from the various finance providers. We can either work with you at the initial stages of your business or when looking at the future growth of your operation. 

Raising Finance and Project Investment

We can assist you in raising finance either to help start your business, fund future expansion or to finance working capital.  

Cashflow Management 

We can help ensure you have a healthy cashflow management system in place.

We have extensive experience managing companies with pressing cashflow issues and can give you solid practical advice.

We can guide you and assist with implementing decisions that need to be taken to ensure your company survival and return to profitability. 


Why not contact Jamie Young to find out more about outsourced Part Time Finance Director services on 07801 509333 or email

Case Studies

Company struggling with Cashflow and Strategic Direction

Plus Accounting was invited to assist a £4m turnover client that was not getting the support they needed from their accountants. The client had sustained losses in the preceding 12 months and consequently had cashflow issues. The bank were not receiving prompt, accurate management information and were concerned about the future strategic direction of the business and whether it could continue.

As a priority, Plus Accounting conducted a thorough review of the existing management information and implemented a new reporting process so the bank had timely and accurate information. Plus Accounting assisted the client with P&L and Cashflow forecast modelling to identify the future cash requirements. As a consequence, the bank was better informed about the future cash requirements of the business thereby removing last minute cashflow requests and had the assurance that an independent accountant was producing the information. Additionally as part of that process, cost savings and areas to improve the client’s gross margin were identified and acted upon. The client now benefits from regular monthly meetings with Plus Accounting to review the performance and strategy and a better working relationship has been established with their bankers. 

Fast growth needs fast information

Plus Accounting helped a London-based start-up during a period of dramatic growth which saw the company increase its turnover from zero to an annualised turnover of £1million in just five months.

As a fast-growing start up, the directors found it challenging to keep one eye on the cashflow requirements while keeping the business on track. As a result, the company outsourced its finance department to Plus Accounting so that it could benefit from:

  • Higher level financial advice
  • Finding the cashflow to fund the growth
  • Understanding the key profitability drivers 
  • Accurate cashflow forecasting to identify when the company would require additional finance 

Jamie Young, Director of Plus Accounting, said “By taking advantage of our part time Finance Director service, the directors have been able to concentrate on moving the business forward, while knowing that we are taking care of their financial requirements.  We look forward to being a continuing part of this success story”.

Efficiency of delivery

One of the established businesses we work with has managed to save approximately 20 days of management time per year by asking us to simplify and speed up the delivery of their monthly management accounts. We recommended new accounting software which resulted in more informative monthly reports being produced for distribution to the Board. Additionally our client benefits from:

  • 1 day per month onsite management accounting support
  • A superior and bespoke management reporting system
  • Advice and support on commercial financial matters 

Raising Finance 

Jamie Young of Plus Accounting assisted the Board in the selection of suitable investment partners and ascertaining the funding requirements to enable growth. Jamie managed the financial due diligence process ensuring that all information was ready to present to the investors and to answer of all their questions on the accounts and forecasts. Jamie demonstrated an in-depth understanding of our business model and was complimented for his work by both the Board and the Private Equity investors. He was invaluable in supporting us throughout the process”.  

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