MakerClub - being confident in the numbers and forecasts is key for growth

MakerClub is a network of after-school clubs based in the UK designed to teach invention and all the skills that come with it. Their platform allows them to partner with schools, Universities and makerspaces to teach the emerging technologies.

MakerClub | Brighton

How long have you been a client of Plus Accounting?

We became a client of Plus Accounting in 2017.

Why did you choose Plus Accounting?

We were recommended Plus Accounting by three different people and we prefer the monthly payment model as opposed to being afraid to pick up the phone to ask a question for fear of being charged.

What services of Plus Accounting do you use?

Our year end accounts, one off accounting tasks such as R&D tax credits and general help and advice on how best to organise our money and use Xero.

How has the firm helped your company develop?

Plus Accounting have simplified and improved our accounting practices, such that we can now be confident of our numbers and forecasts.

Are there any specific areas/issues that we have helped you with?

We were helped with our SEIS/EIS certificates when raising investment, and our R&D tax rebate, which has made a huge difference to our cashflow.

Would you be happy to recommend the firm and why?    

Yes, Luke and Emma our two points of contact are knowledgeable, diligent and always quick to respond with solutions to the challenges we face.

Simon Riley

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