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Joosr | Brighton

How long have you been a client of Plus Accounting?

We have been a client of Plus Accounting for 4 months!

Why did you choose Plus Accounting?

Fiona Anderson, NatWest Entrepreneurial Spark mentioned the firm and then I met with Paul to chat through our requirements. I also liked the fact that many local businesses were using Plus Accounting and sounding satisfied. 

What services of Plus Accounting do you use?

Statutory accounts and compliance, managing the share register and the R&D tax credits claim.

How has the firm helped your company develop?

Certainly, the R&D tax credits has been a tremedous boost to cash flow.

Are there any specific areas/issues that we have helped you with?

R&D tax credits.

Would you be happy to recommend the firm and why?   

Absolutely, service is prompt, accurate and courteous and well suited to smaller businesses.

Darren Boyd-Annells

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