Fee Protection Scheme

Fee Protection

Protect yourself against the risk of incurring costly professional fees

Official figures show that HMRC collected huge additional revenue of £20.7bn as a result of last year’s crackdown on tax evasion and avoidance.

And it’s not just the rich and famous that fall foul of HMRC’s initiative.  Small and medium sized businesses accounted for the largest proportion failing to pay – resulting in a massive £16.7bn loss to the exchequer.

New powers mean HMRC can put the squeeze on you.

There’s nowhere to hide from the taxman now…..legislation has changed recently – allowing HMRC to check-up on mobile phone usage, view the websites you are looking at, and more worryingly, obtain information from third parties to spy into your bank accounts and look at your transactions!

Even if you’re not guilty and you’re an honest, law-abiding citizen, paying your taxes and enjoying life…when HMRC make you the focus of a tax investigation, you will incur professional charges as you collect the information you need to prove innocence.

Premier Protection will safeguard you from the risk of unplanned expense

Give yourself peace of mind by investing in Premier Protection to protect yourself from the risk of costly professional fees.

Premier Protection is a tax investigation and advice service that will safeguard you from the risk of unplanned, costly professional fees.  Take our Premier Protection and relax in the knowledge that, should you be selected for a tax investigation, our professional fees will be covered.

Premier Protection has been specifically created to deal with HMRC’s powers.  In the event of an HMRC investigation into your corporation tax return, income tax return, PAYE, P11D and P35, NIC or VAT affairs it provides up to £100k worth of professional costs.

Our scheme is arranged through the market leaders CCH Fee Protection. Having researched the market we believe the benefits their scheme provides are most suited to the demands & needs of our clients.

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