Company restructuring made easy!

We recently spoke with Greg Smith, who has been involved with a number of property development companies in Brighton to understand how Plus Accounting has worked with him over the last few years, here is what he said;

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How long have you been a client for Plus Accounting?

I think I have been a client of Plus Accounting for probably approaching 20 years both personally and corporately. 

At the time we were somewhat disillusioned with our accountant and our bank manager at that time, Richard Evans of Barclays, suggested meeting with Paul.

What services of Plus Accounting do you use?

Your accounting services, general advice/tax planning and audit.

How has the firm helped your business develop?

Through careful consideration of company reorganisation in the past.

Are there any specific areas/issues that we have helped you with?

Yes, Plus Accounting has assisted with our company restructuring and ultimately closure and associated liquidation. 

Would you be happy to recommend the firm and why?

Yes, good level of service. Pleasant staff who are friendly and able. 

Any other comments?

Really happy over the years. Dynamic and easy to communicate with. Not at all stuffy as can be experienced with some members of your profession. Treated respectfully and considerately and not frightended to tell me how it is!!



Greg Smith

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