Blurred Lines Limited: Anand Patel - Painless Transformation!

We recently spoke with Anand Patel, Director of Blurred Lines Limited and GP at School Hill Surgery on how Plus Accounting have worked with him over the last few years, here is what he said;

Healthcare Industry

How long have you been a client for Plus Accounting?

I have been a client of Plus Accounting for almost 7 years. 

What services of Plus Accounting do you use?

I first used their services as part of my GP partnership and then chose them to undertake my personal accounts when I was aware of their services. They also complete the accounts for my new business venture and host my business address.

How has the firm helped your Practice develop?

Luke and Paul helped talk through how to set up a company with me and then how to manage my documentation and bank accounts. Luke also met me in person to work through the tax issues that apply to businesses as I was very naive about this!

Are there any specific areas/issues that we have helped you with?

As my role in training GP trainees, they have also helped educate our GPs-to-be in understanding the tax affairs that will apply to them as they become partners, salaried or locum doctors. This is an area where they have no training and generally no idea! Karen has therefore been invaluable in sharing this information with them in educational sessions for the past three years, leaving them much more informed of how to organise their tax/accounts.

Would you be happy to recommend the firm and why?

Plus Accounting have been very helpful in basically carrying me through my tax affairs in a very approachable manner! I would definitely recommend them.


Anand Patel
Blurred Lines Limited

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