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Cutting our Tax System Down to Size

A recent report by the Institute of Directors on tax has stated what a lot of us already think, that the system is punitive and excessively over-complicated. Indeed, the leading article in one of last weekend’s newspapers was that millions of tax payers are being asked to needlessly fill in self-assessment tax returns.

Tax Pledges – will the Conservatives keep their promise?

Now that the dust has settled on the General Election frenzy, and we settle down to five years of non-coalition Conservative government, shall we recall what the Tories promised to do on taxation in their election manifesto?

Changes to Dividend Tax - Budget Update

HMRC confirmed how the new dividend tax for 2016/17 would operate last week when they posted a “factsheet” at

Corporation Tax savings to be made before the end of the year

With the year end of 31 March approaching for many companies it would be useful to consider whether it is a good time to make any necessary expenditure which would save the Corporation Tax (CT) payable on the profits for the year.

The new dividend tax regime – Extract more for less tax!

It was widely reported that the additional 7.5% tax on dividends starting in this tax year would be an additional cost to small business owners looking to extract monies from their company.

Ensuring a high score with games tax relief

For several years there has been a generally accepted strategy for the most tax efficient remuneration for owner managed businesses.

2 Minute Masterclass - Will the tax on dividends on affect you?

Will The Tax On Dividends Affect You? Luke Thomas tells us more as part of the 2 Minute Masterclass series. Subscribe for more and if you are looking for video or podcast production in Brighton and Sussex then check out Laura Evans' website at

Indie Dev Guide- Release 7! Corporation Tax

A UK limited company pays corporation tax on its taxable profits for each accounting period. Corporation tax is due 9 months and 1 day after the accounting period end.

Can a UK company apply for a corporation tax extension?

A company is required to file its corporation tax return within 12 months after the end of the accounting period that it covers. A penalty will be payable if the corporation tax return is filed late.

What is a certificate of residence?

A certificate of residence is required to claim tax relief in another country if the company pays tax on its foreign income in the UK. If the company has already paid the tax it may be due a tax refund.

Penalties for the late submission of 2017-18 self-assessment tax returns

According to HM Revenue & Customs approximately 746,000 self-assessment tax returns for the 2017-18 tax year were not filed by the 31 January 2019 filing deadline.

UK Residents – disposal of Property and Capital Gains Tax

If as a UK tax resident you are considering selling a second home or residential investment property situated in the UK or overseas, there are going to be changes to the reporting requirements which are due to come into effect from 6 April 2020.

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