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Tax efficient savings and investments
With interest rates at rock bottom, we look here at a range of tax advantaged savings options.

Can we help you find and access finance for your business?

The Funding for Lending Scheme (FLS), launched in July 2012, allows banks and building societies to borrow cheaply from the Government so that they can pass on cheaper finance to businesses and individuals.

Is It The End For The Enterprise Finance Guarantee? - Guest Blog

The Enterprise Finance Guarantee, or EFG as it is more commonly known, has been a staple method for raising business finance for several years. The big thing with EFG (link to - was that the Government would provide the lender with a guarantee of 75% of the loan amount.

Grant Funding and the Application Process

As we start the second half of 2015, we are delighted to report on a successful application for a capital grant of £200,000 to help fund a client’s capital expenditure and growth programme.

Medical Imaging Partnership secures investment from Apposite Capital

London, UK – 9th May 2016. Apposite Capital, the private equity firm specialising in healthcare, today announces that it has made a new investment in our client Medical Imaging Partnership Ltd (“MIP”), a fast growing UK provider of medical diagnostic imaging services.

What are Research and Development UK tax credits?

Research and development tax credits are available if the company is engaged in research and development and the company makes a trading loss; either where there was a trading loss before the enhanced R&D expenditure at 230% was applied, or where a trade profit became a loss because of the R&D enhanced expenditure.

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