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Crowd-funding - money from the many backing the ideas of the few

Idea generation and innovation is thriving, but providing a suitable environment for these big ideas to be transformed into successful business has been challenging. As always, one of the major obstacles is money.

Online Accounting

With a variety of accounting packages now on the market, we recommend Xero as an accounting package that makes managing
your financial records easy.

Business Start Ups

Here at Plus Accounting, we are experienced at guiding businesses through the start-up period and, as well as advising you on what to do, we provide tips on what not to do.

Workshop – Raising Finance through Crowd Funding & Banks

Well 2014 has started and we have certainly hit the ground running at Plus Accounting. Our first Workshop of the year took place on 28 January at Myhotel and despite it being a hectic week for all Accountants and Tax Return submissions, it proved to be a great success!

Can Brighton be a serious contender?

We have all heard the phrase “Silicon Beach” over the last few months and this deal seems to secure the fact that Brighton is now a serious contender in the world of business start-ups and innovation.

All you need to know: Franchising

Franchising is a fast growing industry in the UK contributing £13.7 billion to the UK economy in 2013. There are almost a thousand franchisor brands operating in the UK with 39,000 outlets employing over half a million people in the UK.

What is a Quick Service Restaurant?

A quick service restaurant is one which is focused on providing customers with food as quickly and efficiently as possible. This generally means there is no table service and food is cooked to order in a short space of time. The term ‘quick-serve’ is often synonymous with ‘fast food’ and a majority of quick service restaurants operate as chain restaurants using a franchise model.

Starting out in business - Practical things to consider when starting your business

Starting any business will be a mixture of excitement and nervousness as you decide to “go it alone”.
This brief guide gives some tips on what needs to be considered and some savings that can be made

Brighton Business Show - April

The Brighton Business Show presented by Laura Evans. Hear from successful entrepreneurs, business experts, news on schemes you can use and local meet ups.

Fast Food Franchises

Fast Food outlets are one of the core components of the UK’s franchise industry and the fast food industry is big business in the UK.

Indie Dev Guide - Release 10! Understanding your accounts

The majority of gamers starting up in business will have little or no experience of accounting or tax. Many starting up in business will have developed their skills as employees of larger businesses.

Business Start Ups and choosing the right business entity

Starting a business can be an exciting but scary time full of new experiences and obligations.

It is important to know that you are heading in the right direction, and you are aware of your options before you go too far down the line.

Plus Accounting become a Ukie Partner

Plus Accounting recently became a partner of Ukie, the trade body for games and interactive entertainment in the UK.

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