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Budget Report 2013


What is the Business Bank?

There has been a lot of publicity recently about the Business Bank so here’s our quick guide to what all the fuss is about.

Accountants – Can they really use YouTube?

As part of a concerted effort to improve the awareness of our brand here at Plus Accounting it was decided (by the marketing bods) to create a series of helpful videos to demonstrate what we do and how we can help your business.

The Secrets of Selling your Business - 26 November

Our final workshop of 2015 was held at MyHotel on 26 November with speakers from EMC Corporate Finance and Plus Accounting - The Secrets of Selling your Business.

Meet the Team - Peter Hedgethorne 10 Questions...

Want to get to know Peter - take a look at our 10 questions now...

Exciting Announcement!! We are the new sponsors of the RadioReverb Business Show!

Plus Accounting, Brighton Chartered Accountancy firm, have announced their sponsorship of RadioReverb’s The Brighton Business Show over the next 8 months.

25th Anniversary Party!

Paul, Peter, Jamie and Luke celebrated 25 years of Plus Accounting with staff members on Saturday 8 July at Ashdown Park Hotel.

HMRC warns of tax creditors scam

HMRC has issued a warning about fraudulent texts and emails, which claim the recipient is due a tax rebate in order to obtain their personal details.

Creative Industries; Apps and R&D Workshop

On Tuesday 25 September, Plus Accounting provided a Creative Industries; Apps and R&D Workshop at MyHotel in Brighton.

What The Tech is Making Tax Digital?

As the April 2019 deadline approaches, we ask What The Tech is Making Tax Digital?

My Digital Marketing Apprentice role

On Tuesday 11 September 2018, I started my Digital Marketing apprenticeship at Plus Accounting. Plus Accounting is a firm of chartered accountants, registered auditors and business advisers in Brighton.

Businesses fear a no deal Brexit

Businesses large and small are starting to panic at the prospect of a no deal Brexit and the nightmare scenario that this will bring.

What does the Budget hold in store for Pensions?

With the Budget less than a week away, much of the talk is whether Chancellor Philip Hammond will once again turn to pensions to help fund the Government’s NHS spending commitments.

Connect Your Business Data Webinar with Cloud9 Insight

On Tuesday 16 October, Plus Accounting collaborated with Cloud9 Insight to deliever a free online webinar on how to Connect Your Business Data and make better business decisions.

Guest Blog: Do it yourself, versus professional help

A while ago we wrote a blog about doing work and tasks yourself or getting in professional help. We have gone back to review it and see if we still feel the same. Do you know what, we do!

Why is Research and Development important?

For technology and software companies, research and development is important as they can be the first to market certain products or services which gives them an edge over their competitors.

The Chancellor's Surprise Giveaway

Whether or not you believe the Chancellor is right to say that “Austerity” is coming to an end , he certainly surprised most commentators with a number of his announcements.

Off payroll working reforms to be extended from the private sector

Since the reforms for off payroll working were introduced for the public sector, there has been the expectation that this would eventually be introduced to the private sector.

Research & Development payable tax credit restriction

In this weeks budget the Chancellor has announced a re-introduction of a restriction to the amount of R&D tax credit relief that can be claimed. This is aimed at preventing abuse of R&D tax relief for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Changes to Capital Gains Tax Entrepreneur’s Relief

There were many predictions before this week’s Budget that the Government considered that the 10% capital gains tax rate that applies to the first £10m of gains made by entrepreneurs on business assets was too generous and would be reined in.

Annual investment allowance increase for capital allowances

The amount of “up-front” tax relief which is available for capital expenditure on plant and machinery, equipment and fixtures and fittings (but not property assets) has been up and down like a yoyo for the last 4-5 years, and this year is no exception.

Unexpected changes to the capital gains tax regime

In his final scheduled Budget before Brexit, the Chancellor Philip Hammond announced a couple of unexpected changes to the capital gains tax regime and reliefs which are currently available to owners of residential property which was once their main residence.

Shared Ownership- Pleasant surprise for first time buyers

In a move which will come as a pleasant surprise to first time buyers of shared ownership homes, the Chancellor Philip Hammond announced that stamp duty on shared ownership homes which cost up to £500,000 is to be abolished from 29 October 2018.

Small company accounts disclosure – can it hurt your business?

An important question that directors and shareholders of small companies should ask their accountant is “what should be disclosed in the company’s financial statements?”

Cycle to work scheme

The cycle to work scheme was introduced to encourage cycling to work and reduce environmental pollution by providing tax incentives to employers and employees.

Can Xero be used offline

Xero works in the cloud, it is an online book-keeping system you can access any time and any where.

Why use Xero accounting software?

Xero enables you to have access to your data anytime, anywhere this will enable you to make business decision on the go, chase those non-paying customers and submit your expenses without having to be in the office.

Xerocon 2018

Emma Hardwick and Debbie Marriot from our Plus Advisory team headed up to London last week for the 2018 Xero conference.

How do start-ups raise money?

The key to raising finance is ensuring you have a good business plan in place

Which start-ups make the most money?

Recent trends show that start ups with the greatest chance of success are those whose business models focus on new technologies and specialist interest groups.

10 things to consider when using Tide

Tide is a modern business banking platform that drives to reduce the time SME’s spend accounting. The alternative bank account is aimed towards independents and freelancers along with small businesses too.

November Xero Apps Update

Take a look at our monthly update on the latest Xero Apps for businesses just like yours.

Selling or Exiting: How to value your business

On Tuesday 27 November 2018, Plus Accounting teamed up with SRC Corporate Finance and Veriteam to provide a Selling or exiting: How to value your business workshop.

Do you constantly debate the Employed v Self Employed argument?

Is it more financially beneficial to be employed or self-employed? This is a question that often causes a debate and it’s one that unfortunately does not have a simple answer.

HM Revenue & Customs warns of landline scams

A warning has been issued by HM Revenue & Customs for anyone who has a landline to be careful when answering supposed calls from HM Revenue & Customs as fraudsters are calling individuals pretending to be someone from HM Revenue & Customs in the latest scam

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