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6 ways to improve your business performance without increasing sales

You are in business to make a profit, so how do you know you are making a profit?
How do you measure the performance of your business? Using profit and loss is a good indicator of financial results, but there are further ways to assess and improve the business.

Start planning now for the end of the tax year

With the end of the tax year – 5 April – soon to be upon us, now is the time
to identify and act upon any planning opportunities.

How will the latest pensions update affect your business? Plus Accounting make it simple

How will the latest pension updates affect your business - auto enrolment for workplace pensions, Flat Rate Pension proposed & maximum pension contribution limits to reduce

Quick Reminder of some of the main tax changes which come into effect from 6 April 2013

Here is a quick reminder of some of the main tax changes which come into effect from April 6 2013 and those planned for 2014 onwards.

Regulation and Rate Changes: April 2013

New business rules and regulations come into effect in April and October each year. Here is our brief summary of some of the changes that may affect you and your business from 2013.

Company Car Taxation

Read our latest Active Practice Update to find out more about the rules surrounding company car tax and the legislation that is designed to encourage businesses to acquire more environmentally-friendly vehicles.

What new VAT rules affect me and my business?

Did you know that HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) will now charge interest and surcharges in addition to the tax due if you fail to make your returns on time?

I want to employ an apprentice, what do I need to consider?

Are you looking to improve employee engagement within your business?
Here we provide some key principles for best practice, from identifying what makes the workplace uninteresting, to communicating to employees that they are valued.

Profit Potential

We can use the information and insights we gain in doing your basic accounting work to help you identify ways to improve your performance and boost your bottom line.

Estate Planning - Is there any inheritance tax relief for businesses and their assets?

More than £3 billion in inheritance tax (IHT) was paid in 2012/13, the largest in five years.
If your assets exceed £325,000, your legacy could be diminished by a 40 per cent tax charge.

Regulations and rate changes due to come into force now

the adult rate (21 years plus) has increased by 12p to £6.31 an hour
the 18-20 year old rate has increased by 5p to £5.03 an hour
the 16-17 year old rate has increased by 4p to £3.72 an hour
the apprentice rate has increased by 3p to £2.68 an hour

Reducing Your Company Tax Liability

With cash flow being a challenge for many small and medium sized businesses, you shouldn't let tax be another problem this year. Planning for the year ahead could benefit your company.

Our thoughts on Bank Loans for SMEs

Even though the economy started to show the early signs of the recovery, most of the SMEs remain sceptical and therefore feeling very anxious about the external finance methods such as bank loans.

Research and Development Tax Relief – Is your company eligible?

An important part of any successful business is to make sure that a claim is made for all available tax reliefs and tax credits. One such relief that is often overlooked relates to Research and Development (R&D).

Did you know? - How to improve your working capital

One of the main difficulties for businesses is working out how to maintain access to cashflow. Despite having a healthy profit outlook, it is easy for debts to start mounting up if cash is not available at the time when your invoices need to be paid.

Are Accountants ready for Mobile Technology?

Mobile technology has grown over the last 10 years dramatically and the majority of people nowadays live through their mobile devices.

Corporation tax for small companies – What Labour has in store?

Last year the announcement at the Labour party conference that the higher rate of corporation tax would be restored to its previous levels if they win the next election was passed off by many small company owners as an irrelevance, as their profits are well short of the £300k limit where the higher rate starts to apply and there was no suggestion of any income to the lower rate of 20%.

When is it best to use Personal Investment Companies?

I think there are a number of reasons why using a personal investment company makes sense.

A personal investment company (PIC) is a private limited company which is used as a long term investment vehicle. There are a number of advantages in using a PIC which include the following:

Do you know all the tax reliefs available to you?

Read our short guide to rates, reliefs and allowances available for use by 5 April 2014.

Topics covered include the following;

What can EIS & Seed EIS do for your business?

Are you looking to raise tax efficient investment through EIS & SEIS?

Outsourcing the Finance Function to an Accountancy Firm

There is much advice about how to make your company a success; I would wager that driving sales rather than focussing on managing your finance department is a way to achieve profitability. Running your finance department is simply not a driver of profit. Why then try and do this in-house when you may not have the time or experience to manage it properly?

Training in the Workplace

I am sure most businesses appreciate the benefits of undertaking staff training but I suspect it often takes a back seat to the day to day pressures of running a business in the current economic climate.

Workshop – What can EIS & SEIS do for your business?

Laura and I each took a turn presenting information on the schemes, with my part concentrating on the tax breaks and Laura spelling out the legal hoops that need to be negotiated, and we also highlighted the potential pitfalls which can result in tax relief being disallowed.

Pensions - have you claimed full tax relief?

Pensions – have you claimed full tax relief?

What is Online Accounting?

Recent studies have shown that 7/10 companies now use some form of cloud computing and this is expected to increase over the next few years.

How important is social media for Accountants?

A lot of firms are asking the question “Does social media really play a vital part in my businesses’ success?” The answer is debateable as you must understand that social media is not necessarily a sales tools but a means of brand awareness and profile raising.

Tax Avoidance Schemes - Are you aware of the rules?

So HMRC has raised £24bn tax in the last tax year, more than 15% up on the previous year. Apparently most of this income is the result of cracking down on tax avoidance schemes, and I am sure that those who have paid up following successful pursuit by HMRC through the Court will receive little sympathy from the public and will be making very little protest at their fate.

Is Brighton ready for the 2014 World Cup?

Is it me or does there seem to be a lot less hype about this year’s World Cup? The tournament kicks off on 12 June in Brazil and this normally signifies the start of a busy, hectic and drink-fuelled summer in Brighton – however this time around I am not so sure?!

Workshop - Thinking inside the Box - Maximise your Assets

Our third workshop took place at Sussex Innovation Centre on 3 June and proved to be a subject that generated a lot of debate from local businesses.

Alternative Business Funding - Guest Blog

The word 'alternative' can get you thinking of unusual or second best, after all the very definition of 'alternative' is an option against something else. As far as business funding is concerned 'alternative' relates to anything that is not bank finance.

Creative Industry Tax Relief (CITR)

Creative industries in the UK are now worth over £70 billion to the UK economy according to official statistics and are one of the fastest growing industry sectors in the country.

Are you claiming the correct mileage allowance?

Business mileage is an important way to receive tax relief against your income, but it’s often overlooked.

Guide Looking At Key UK Economic Indicators...

Following a period of faster than anticipated growth at the end of 2013, the economy has continued to strengthen with consistent growth throughout the first half of 2014.

Are you open minded about Recruitment?

Recruiting staff into your business is probably one of the important decisions that you undertake. The decision as to how you identify suitable potential interviewees is also worth considering very carefully.

Social Media - Going beyond the expected!

Here at Plus Accounting, our Social Media activity has increased dramatically over the past 18 months. We have gone from having a very minimal presence to using it on a daily basis

What is "The Plus Approach"?

Clients of Plus Accounting want more than just their accounts: they want guidance, advice and a range of products and services to make their busy lives easier – so that is what we deliver.

Funding for Growth: Workshop September 2014

Our fifth workshop for 2014 took place at MyHotel, Jubilee Street on 30 September and generated a lot of questions from local businesses who were looking for ideas on how to fund the growth of their businesses.

Selling or exiting a business: How to value your business?

Final workshop of 2014 was a great successful - sold out! Selling or exiting a business is a subject that should be planned for now and not left until the last minute.

Change On The Horizon For Business Borrowers? - Guest Blog

There is something going on with the high street banks that is slipping under the radar, nobody is talking about it and it is rather enlightening.

How do people choose their Accountant? We find out!

The last few months have been a real eye-opener into what women, and men, really think about Accountants and we have to admit, it wasn’t all great!

7 Top Tips for Entrepreneurs

We are all aware that in the vast majority of cases, employees are the greatest asset of any business and in most companies, they represent the largest investment.

First Workshop of 2015 - Funding Solutions for the local SME Community

Tom Beaumont from Invest & Fund discussed their Peer to Peer platform and Jamie Young from Plus Accounting discussed the importance a strong Business Plan when looking to raise funds through Alternative Finance.

Tax Breaks for Entrepreneurs

For entrepreneurs, growth can be spurred by government tax breaks and in the run up to the election, the parties need to think how they can continue to help growing businesses as well as those that are just starting out.

Budget 2015 – What changes were made to Entrepreneurs' Relief?

Some commentators were fearing that there would be changes to the 10% tax rate which applies to the sale of a partnership interest or the sale of shares in a limited company, widely considered to be a generous relief.

Budget 2015 - Boost for innovation & SMEs

The 2015 Budget was a positive one for small innovative businesses with various measures to be introduced by the Government in a bid to accelerate growth in technology SMEs and to assist UK entrepreneurs to generate the next version of Twitter or Facebook in the UK.

Budget 2015 The abolition of Employers National Insurance – how does this affect your employees?

The Chancellor announced the abolition of Employers National Insurance for employee’s under 21 from April this year and for apprentices under the age of 25 from April next year.

Budget 2015 – Income Tax and National Insurance – is it good news for you?

The Budget delivered some welcome news with changes to Personal Allowances, Basic Rate Limits and National Insurance.

It's Not You It's Me - Guest Blog Lime Consultancy

Probably the lamest line ever used to end a relationship, and never a line that is used that often in business.

However, it is actually a very apt explanation to explain why businesses often fail to obtain borrowing or get turned down for lending when they least expect it.

The 5 biggest mistakes that businesses make with social media - Guest Blog Lobster Media

The 5 biggest mistakes that businesses make with social media

Election Manifesto Week - What do they really mean?

So the Election Manifestos were launched this week. I have summarised the main tax issues contained in the parties manifestos. As we have a Green MP in Brighton, I have included the Green tax issues.

Update: Advantages of using Personal Investment Companies

A little while ago, I wrote about the advantages of using Personal Investment Companies and I am pleased to say that this has generated a lot of interest. I believe that one of the main reasons is due to the fact that company owners are often reluctant to draw all of the profits out of their company and pay higher rates of tax.

Does Online Accounting work For Franchises?

At Plus Accounting we are big fans of online accounting products such as Xero and Sage One. Having your accounts data in the cloud gives you as a business owner, access to the most up to date information about your business which allows you to make informed decisions.

All you need to know: The rise of the Franchise

Over the past 20 years there has been a dramatic shift in the nature of the UK economy as areas such as franchising have grown from a small niche market into a booming industry.

Prime Minister seeks to deliver on pre-election promise to GPs

Following his re-election as Prime Minister, David Cameron has wasted little time in trying to deliver on his pre-election manifesto, with the promise of a ‘new deal for general practice’.

SME Auto Enrolment - is your business ready?

SME Auto Enrolment - is your business ready?

Setting targets and forecasting

Setting targets for your business is not just a question of simply stating where you would like to be in a year's time. Giving yourself accurate targets to work towards involves knowing how you are performing now and having a good idea of how you will be performing in the future.

Growth Vouchers – do you still have a voucher to use?

We recently became an approved Growth Voucher Advisor within the Finance & Cash-flow Category.

Video Games Tax Relief – Playing the Game!

Over the last few years the government has tried to encourage culturally British productions, by introducing five Creative industry tax reliefs, which incentivise investment in British productions that might otherwise have taken place overseas.

Summer Budget – Increase in Income Tax on Dividends

You won’t have seen much mention of the increase in income tax on dividends in the press coverage of the Summer Budget, but this change is actually one of the largest tax hikes for owner managed businesses for many years.

Buy to let changes – fairer or not?

The Budget brought some fundamental changes for Landlords, presumably to try to make the property market more accessible for first-time buyers. So what are these changes?

Summer Budget Summary

The big news for business coming out of the Summer Budget was the increase in the minimum wage to a “living wage” level of £9 per hour over the next 5 years, leaving employers in many sectors wondering how they are going to fund this increase, which is effectively the Chancellor’s way of transferring responsibility for the lower paid sector from the welfare budget.

Change to Inheritance Tax – what does it really mean?

The budget saw the government make changes to inheritance tax with the headline being that the nil rate ban for a married couple or civil partners could be £1M.

EMI - Enterprise Management Incentive

What is their purpose? – used for incentivising key employees by giving them the opportunity to acquire shares in the company at a future date for today’s value so that they benefit from the growth in that period and are encouraged to work towards maximising the company’s value thus benefiting the owner managers by increasing the commitment of their team.

Are you interested in making your accounting system more efficient?

I'm always looking to see how different companies might benefit from a new accounting package. With cloud accounting becoming more popular, it's easy to see that this is the only way forward.

What's stopping your business from growing? We eliminate the guesswork...

We were joined by Marketing and Sales experts, Neil Edwards from The Marketing Eye and Matt Garman from Sales Plus Profit and they managed to eliminate the guesswork surrounding sales and marketing and show the audience how to structure their business to ensure it continues to grow.

Will I be affected - Automatic Enrolment?

Over the past few months many business owners will have received a letter from The Pensions Regulator urging them to “ACT NOW: you have new automatic enrolment legal duties”.

All you need to know: Cash flow forecasting in general practice

Preparing a cash flow forecast for the next 12 months can be a little daunting given the recent changes to global sum funding and enhanced service payments. But a good cash flow forecast enables a practice to identify a potential drop in income or areas where expenditure could be reduced.

The benefits of preparing monthly management accounts in general practice

As part of my role in the Plus Accounting Healthcare team, I prepare monthly management accounts for medical practices. By preparing and analysing management accounts on a monthly basis practices are able to identify trends, measure performance, and keep better control over their many different types of income streams and costs.

Understanding Payments on Account

As Tax Manager in the Plus Accounting Healthcare Team, I understand how difficult it can be try to predict your income from one year to another; profit shares can vary in a Practice due to changes in the numbers of sessions worked or updates to profit forecasts. The position is made more complicated as the actual superannuation figures often vary from the superannuation estimates and this all means that tax bills can vary significantly from year to year.

British Film Industry Tax Breaks approved by EU

Government plans to extend tax breaks for the British film industry have been approved by the EU. Under the scheme, film production companies can claim tax relief for the costs incurred producing films and this is now regardless of the budget.

Tax Reliefs & Incentives for the Creative Industries - Does your business qualify?

Our September event at MyHotel took place as part of the Brighton Digital Festival month - Luke Thomas and Peter Hedgethorne discussed the tax reliefs and incentives available to the creative industries.

Help for small business?...

Help for small business?...The Enterprise Bill launched last week promises the services of a “Small Business Commissioner” to help ensure that SMEs are provided with an environment in the UK in which they can thrive and as a natural consequence, support the UK economy.

Guides - Tax Reliefs & Incentive Schemes

Take a look at our latest Guides, available for free download. These Guides cover topics such as, Research & Development, Enterprise Management Incentives, Dividend Changes and many more.

What’s so special about Brighton?

Brighton has long been a popular tourist destination on the South coast and is known by many as London-By-The Sea.

Reminder: Corporation tax rates to drop

The good news for UK Companies in the July Budget was the announcement that Corporation tax rates will be cut to 18% from the current 20% rate by 2020.

Claim your travel expenses while you can!

Earlier this year, it was announced that the government is going to consider proposals to restrict tax relief for the cost of home-to-work commuting for individuals employed through an employment intermediary, who work under the supervision, direction or control of any other person.

Appraisals in the work place

Recruiting and retaining quality staff is as important today as it has ever been. One of the ways of attracting the right type of employee for your organisation, retaining them and keeping them motivated is to undertake regular appraisals and provide feedback on performance.

April 2016: Tax changes are coming, are you ready?

Workshop held on 26 January at MyHotel, Brighton. Are you ready for the tax changes coming into affect from April 2016 - we look at the mitigating options surrounding these changes.

An Update on Personal Investment Companies

The improvement in the economy means that well run SME’s are returning to higher levels of profitability and while this gives business owners the opportunity to draw out more profit, many are reluctant to do so because they do not wish to incur high personal tax liabilities.

Is 2016 the year of virtual reality?

It has been tipped that 2016 will be the breakthrough year for virtual reality and it will become part of our everyday lives.

Are you ready for the new audit threshold?

Government plans to increase the audit threshold for accounting periods starting on or after 1 January 2016 have continued despite the ICAEW raising concerns that these thresholds are too high and will impact on the quality of financial reporting.

Accounting in Healthcare - Key Points to Consider

Accounting in the healthcare industry can be quite overwhelming at times for both the practice manager and the partners.
Here are some useful points to be considered and some potential cost saving notes.

Xerocon – 2 day conference 2016

Every year a 2 day conference is held in London to showcase the upcoming features, hot topics and new opportunities available to Xero customers.

A new 10,000% income tax rate for savers?!

Another tax change from April 2016 is the introduction of an annual savings allowance. This means that most savers will be able to earn some interest tax-free but as with everything tax related, this is far from simple.

Tax Relief for Green Investment in Business Assets

The Government would like business owners to invest in energy efficient plant and equipment and the taxman therefore allows full deduction of the cost against their profits.

Lifetime ISAs – The new pension/first home savings account

The 2016 budget introduced an interesting new way to save for buying your first home or funding your retirement.

Budget 2016: Company Cars

In the recent budget the Chancellor announced the extension of 100% first year allowances for businesses purchasing low emissions company cars.

Are you a micro-entrepreneur?

The 2016 Budget introduced help for those budding entrepreneurs who supplement their income by trading part time.

The Brighton Business Show March 2016, sponsored by Plus Accounting

The Brighton Business Show is a monthly show aired locally on RadioReverb 97.2fm, DAB or online worldwide via Get in touch if you have any news.

UK Games Fund and Video Games Tax Relief

The UK Government is determined to keep the UK at the forefront of the world’s video game production industry and as a result, there has never been better time to be a games developer in the UK.

What is PSC? Register of persons with significant control...

From April 2016 it will be a legal requirement for most UK companies and LLPs to have a Persons of Significant Control (PSC) register.

Digital Tax Accounts – Timing is everything

The Government has announced that as part of its vision to modernise the tax system, tax returns will be replaced by digital tax accounts for individuals and businesses.

Digital Tax Accounts – Getting ready for the inevitable

From April 2018, businesses, including everyone who is self-employed and those letting out property, will be required to update HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) at least quarterly where it is their main source of income (or a secondary source of income above £10,000 and their main income is from employment or a pension).

CrunchBoards Add On for Xero

With the growth of Xero and the numerous Add-Ons available I thought I would highlight one of the Add-Ons available that assists you in running and controlling your business.

The Brighton Business Show - May 2016

The Brighton Business Show is a monthly show aired locally on RadioReverb 97.2fm, DAB or online worldwide via

Women’s role in the franchising sector

Pip Wilkins has recently been appointed as the new chief executive of the British Franchise Association, having previously been head of operations for the BFA since 2013.

Increasing Employee Engagement & Motivation

Jonathan Richards from BreatheHr and Paul Feist from Plus Accounting discussed the importance of Increasing Employee Engagement & Motivation and how this has an influential impact on a company's success.

How to Grow Your Business with Digital Marketing

Digital marketing continues to soar in global popularity. In fact, it is a proven way to effectively market your products and services to mass audiences.

Are you a franchisee? Which online accounting package is right for you?

Franchisors have different approaches with regard to franchisees reporting financial information about the ongoing performance of the franchisee’s business.

The Brighton Business Show - June 2016

The Brighton Business Show is a monthly show aired locally on RadioReverb 97.2fm, DAB or online worldwide via

Plus Accounting obtains £200,000 in games tax relief for British businesses in 12 months

British games businesses working with Plus Accounting have saved an incredible £200,000 over the past 12 months as a result of games tax relief.

Brexit and Games - Guest Blog, George Osborn

At Meet the Gaming Experts in Brighton, the games industry came together to share drinks, snacks and to talk about the hot topic dominating the games industry: Brexit.

Brexit and Games - Video Interviews

Brexit and Games: What Do I Need To Know About It And How Will It Affect My Business?

The political earthquake unleashed by the referendum vote has led to a change of Prime Minister, a coup attempt against the leader of the Labour party and a hefty dose of uncertainty.

The Brighton Business Show - July 2016

The Brighton Business Show is a monthly show aired locally on RadioReverb 97.2fm, DAB or online worldwide via Get in touch if you have any news. Find out how you can get involved

Getting book smart

An important part of an accountant’s role is advising their clients on the appropriate method for recording their business transactions.

The Do's and Don'ts of Auto Enrolment

Adam Farrant from Aspira and Tania from Sussex Payroll Services discussed a number of issues that small businesses need to consider when implementing auto enrolment.

2 Minute Masterclass - 5 Tips for using Xero

Emma Hardwick tells us her Top tips for using Xero for your Business as part of the 2 Minute Masterclass series. Subscribe for more and if you are looking for video or podcast production in Brighton and Sussex then check out Laura Evans' website at

2 Minute Masterclass - is your company eligible for R&D Tax Relief?

Is Your Company Eligible For R&D Tax Relief? Luke Thomas tells us more as part of the 2 Minute Masterclass series. Subscribe for more and if you are looking for video or podcast production in Brighton and Sussex then check out Laura Evans' website at

Introducing Secure Document Exchange - Plus Accounting Client Portal

The Secure Document Exchange provides a secure, confidential environment for accountants and their clients to upload, view, edit and transfer confidential information such as tax returns and sets of accounts.

Xero’s new report layout and how it can benefit you

Xero reporting has been split into two for a while. This is due to Xero developing the new customisable layouts, while leaving the original format running.

Landlords under attack

Private landlords seem to have been targeted by the government as a source of tax revenue with the introduction of the new stamp duty charges for buy to let investors and restrictions in relief for mortgage interest for higher rate tax payers being phased in over 4 years from April 2017.

The Brighton Business Show - August 2016

The Brighton Business Show is a monthly show aired locally on RadioReverb 97.2fm, DAB or online worldwide via Subscribe to the podcast here or on iTunes.

Changing Accountants is easy

Business owners can often be worried about the process of changing their accountants, and this can stop people putting off moving to a more suitable advisor.

Personal Investment Companies - an update following changes to dividend tax rates on 6 April 2016

I have long advocated using private limited companies as personal investment vehicles and following changes to the dividend tax rates from 6 April 2016, this has prompted a number of questions from my clients.

Brighton Digital Festival Launch Party 2016

Brighton Digital Festival launched in style on 31 August at Fabrica in Brighton City Centre - it was attended by over 100 people and we were delighted to be sponsoring the specially made BDF cocktail!

September - Brighton Digital Festival Launch, BrightonSEO and many more...

September has well and truly begun!! I don't know about you but the summer holidays seems like a distant memory. We kicked off with the Brighton Digital Festival Launch party...

Indie Dev Guide - Release 1! Limited companies...

A Limited company is a separate legal entity, which you can set up to run your business through. Most video game developer start-ups will choose to form a Limited company, as this is one of the most recognised forms of trading.

Indie Dev Guide - Release 2! Personal Tax...

As a director of a UK Limited company you are legally required to register for self-assessment and submit personal tax returns annually from the tax year in which you become a director.

The Brighton Business Show - September 2016

The Brighton Business Show is a monthly show aired locally on RadioReverb 97.2fm, DAB or online worldwide via

Wired Sussex - Digital, Media and Technology Business Finance Forum

In July the inaugural Digital, Media & Tech Finance Forum was held by Plus Accounting in conjunction with Wired Sussex.

Indie Dev Guide - Release 4! Payroll and Workplace Pensions (Auto Enrolment)

Many start-ups will begin with one or two directors and no other employees. The minimum wage rules do not apply to directors of UK Limited companies, which allows them to have extra flexibility over payroll.

Wired Sussex Breakfast Session - 29 September

Jamie Young of Plus Accounting and Emma Bland from Wired Sussex shared their insights on cashflow forecasting, chasing debts, and managing the funding gap for early stage and start-up businesses.

The Brighton Business Show - October 2016

The Brighton Business Show, RadioReverb's monthly biz show - sharing knowledge, stories, news and views from local business folk and organisations that could be helping you to build your company.

Brighton Summit: Find out what went on...

Vicky King, attended this year's Brighton Summit with Emma Hardwick and Alex Koupland. Vicky spent the day completing some live blogging for the Brighton & Hove Chamber.

Making Tax Digital (MTD) – aka the Death of the Tax Return

On 15 August HMRC finally released its consultation documents on MTD. Since then there’s already been a change – the smallest businesses and landlords will be exempted from digital record-keeping and quarterly updates.

Indie Dev Guide- Release 6! Funding your Prototype

One of the key issues facing start-up game developer companies, is how to raise the finance needed to develop a prototype.

Indie Dev Guide - Release 8! Research & Development Tax Relief Claim

For Small and Medium Enterprises in the UK, Research and Development (R&D) tax relief enables companies that incur costs in developing new products, processes or services to obtain additional deductions against their taxable profits.

Time 2 Give Spring Ball

Do you want to give your time and business expertise to support one of our ten local community charities? You could help them with anything from marketing and finance to setting up a new project or even becoming a trustee.

Indie Dev Guide - Release 9! Video Games Tax Relief Claim

Video Games Tax Relief (VGTR) is a creative industry tax relief for Video Games Development Companies (VGDC) which was introduced in April 2014. You can claim VGTR up to 2 years after a qualifying accounting period end.

Workshop Programme

Plus Accounting host a programme of workshops and surgeries throughout the year on topics such as alternative finance, sales, marketing, tax planning and selling your business.

2 Minute Masterclass- How Can Your Business Benefit From EMI Schemes

How Can Your Business Benefit From EMI Schemes? Alex Koupland tells us more as the 2 Minute Masterclass series.

2 Minute Masterclass - What is the VAT Flat Rate Scheme?

What is the VAT Flat Rate Scheme? Alex Koupland tells us more as part of the 2 Minute Masterclass series.

Client Guest Blog - 6 Top Tips for Talent Acquisition in 2017

Hiring the right Talent at the right time is a key element of establishing and maintaining competitive advantage for any business, yet many companies concentrate on their new business and business development strategies while adopting a purely tactical and reactive approach to Talent Acquisition.

Guest Blog: Can a strong visual strategy have a positive impact on a businesses' finances?

74% of social media marketers use visual assets in their social media marketing, ahead of blogs (68%) and videos (60%).

Maximizing return on investment is of course the fundamental aim of any marketing strategy. A strong visual strategy – and one that is used! – will have a seriously positive effect on that return. How?

2017 Workshops - are you attending?

We work with a number of local professionals to provide you with the best advice and knowledge, allowing you to run your business to its maximum potential.

Making Tax Digital (MTD) Update

It is clear that although MTD will be upon us shortly (2018), there is still a lot of uncertainty on what this means for us all.

A reminder to small business owners of upcoming changes from April 2017

There are a number of changes coming into effect from April 2017, which business owners need to be aware of.

How to become an accountant

Accountancy continues to be viewed as a stable career and one which is considered to be very diverse.

Spring Budget 2017 Report

Chancellor Philip Hammond described his irst and last Spring Budget as one that “takes forward our plan to prepare Britain for a brighter future”. Download your free Spring Budget Report.

Budget for Limited Companies?

A mixed message from the Budget last week for business people wondering whether to use a limited company or to operate as an unincorporated sole trader/partnership from April 2018.

How EMI Share Option Schemes can work for you

Paul, Managing Director of Plus Accounting and Tim Smith and Robert Hutchins of Griffith Smith Farrington Webb discussed the key features of EMI schemes and what you need to understand before implementing one in to your company.

Why it is important to support the future generation of employees

BrightSparks, a scheme that gives youngster from some of Brighton’s most vulnerable families 12 months of technology mentorship, has received new backing from the city’s top ten tech firms.

Tax-Free Childcare scheme vs Childcare Voucher scheme

On 28 April 2017 we finally see the introduction of the Tax-Free Childcare scheme aimed at helping working parents with the cost of childcare. This scheme is set to replace the existing Childcare Voucher scheme.

Making Tax Digital removed from Finance Bill 2017

Quickly following the announcement of the general election in June 2017, the government have now removed the legislation implementing Making Tax Digital (MTD) from the Finance Bill 2017.

All you need to know about: GoCardless

At Plus Accounting we are keen to highlight Xero add-ons that will not only improve the running of your business but will run efficiently in the cloud.

Finance and Tax Update for Business Owners - Workshop

We held our third workshop of 2017 at MyHotel, Brighton and it proved to be a great success - it was a sell out event with over 25 booked to attend.

How did it all start?! 25 Years of Plus Accounting

Plus Accounting has reached the grand old age on 25! The firm was started by Paul Feist and Peter Hedgethorne on 1 July 1992. We take a look at the last 25 years in this great video!

Guest Blog: Business Rollercoaster

We all know that running a business is a huge rollercoaster and as the founder of Vervate in 2011, pulling out our main challenges and successes has been an interesting process.

The Plus Approach to the Video Games Industry

Whether you are planning on starting out on your own, opening a new indie dev' studio, looking to expand your studio or the time has come to consider a sale, we can provide you with the support and guidance that you need to help ensure success.

Research & Development Tax Relief Claim (for SMEs)

For Small and Medium Enterprises in the UK, Research and Development (R&D) tax relief enables companies that incur costs in developing new products, processes or services to obtain additional deductions against their taxable profits. Where this additional deduction creates losses, the company is entitled to surrender the losses for a repayment tax credit.

Corporation Tax - what you need to know

There has been only one rate of corporation tax since April 2015 when the extra rate for profits over £300,000 was finally phased out.

Trusts - what you need to know

The use of trusts for tax planning has been continually restricted by HMRC over the last 20-30 years as they perceive that they are mainly used to avoid tax by what they consider to be unfair means.

Staff Perks - all you need to know

It is fairly well known that employees can spend up to £150 per person per year on events (typically meals out, Christmas parties, etc.) without having to worry about income tax being charged to the staff members.

How to protect your business and avoid putting it at risk

At our July workshop we were joined by speakers from Square One Financial Planning LLP and Rix & Kay Solicitors to discuss 'How to protect your business and avoid putting it at risk'.

What does success look like for your business?

As advisers we are often asked by clients to advise on how they can make their business more successful and what key financial goals and indicators they should look to monitor and manage.

Guest Blog: Changes to Buy to Let Mortgages

On 30th September there are changes happening with regard how lenders assess and sanction Buy To Let mortgages. As if the already hard hit property investor hadn’t had enough, they are about to find life getting yet more difficult.

Christmas Gifts for staff (and Directors?)

The time of year is approaching when employers like to show their appreciation to staff for their work during the year.

Tax Relief for Investment Entrepreneurial Companies

The Chancellor announced in his speech that restrictions would be improved on 'less risky' investments in EIS/SEIS companies and VCTs.

Unsolicited /phishing emails - Companies House

Be suspicious of unsolicited emails, even if they look like they're from a trusted source.

Is your company a punch bag?

A recent article in the Sunday Times featuring Steve Easterbrook, the CEO of MacDonald’s caught my eye, not only because we look after the accounting and tax affairs of a number of McDonalds restaurants but also because Easterbrook is one of only three Britons who lead a company in the Dow Jones index of America’s top 30 companies.

What the Tech? February 2018

The days of Nigerian royalty struggling to access their funds seems to be over and a new and evolving crime has taken its place, so this month we ask: What the Tech is Cybercrime?

Apprentice to Accountant

Plus Accounting were recently asked to speak at the Career’s Week at Varndean College and I spoke about the apprenticeship route that I am taking in order to become a fully qualified, chartered accountant.

Guest Blog The Marketing Eye: How to measure your return on investment in marketing

The statement "I know half of my advertising is wasted, the trouble is I don't know which half" was famously made by John Wanamaker, a retailer from Philadelphia in the 19th Century.

Guest Blog: The development of Sustainability and Transformation Plans and their potential impact upon the Primary Care Estate

More from Rix & Kay Solicitors LLP...Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs) are now at the heart of the NHS’ reforming and upgrading of its estates.

VAT Registration and Making Tax Digital (MTD)

Making Tax Digital (MTD) is quickly approaching, and this will be a good opportunity to ensure that you are on the correct scheme for your business.

R&D tax reliefs misunderstood and underclaimed

An article in the Telegraph this weekend highlights the gap between the amount of tax reliefs that are available for innovation, and that which is actually claimed by companies.

October Xero Apps Update

Take a look at our monthly update on the latest Xero Apps for businesses just like yours.

Guest Blog: Do it yourself, versus professional help

A while ago we wrote a blog about doing work and tasks yourself or getting in professional help. We have gone back to review it and see if we still feel the same. Do you know what, we do!

March Xero Apps Update

Take a look at our monthly update on the latest Xero Apps for businesses just like yours.

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