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The Plus Approach to the Video Games Industry

Whether you are planning on starting out on your own, opening a new indie dev' studio, looking to expand your studio or the time has come to consider a sale, we can provide you with the support and guidance that you need to help ensure success.

Research & Development Tax Relief Claim (for SMEs)

For Small and Medium Enterprises in the UK, Research and Development (R&D) tax relief enables companies that incur costs in developing new products, processes or services to obtain additional deductions against their taxable profits. Where this additional deduction creates losses, the company is entitled to surrender the losses for a repayment tax credit.

25th Anniversary Party!

Paul, Peter, Jamie and Luke celebrated 25 years of Plus Accounting with staff members on Saturday 8 July at Ashdown Park Hotel.

Guest Blog: Is it time to dive in to immersive learning?

Suddenly there seems to be a lot that we want our staff to know. Uncomfortably, as we read in the media every day, the risks of sanction where these issues are not dealt with properly through staff not being able to apply knowledge practically, are growing higher.

Plus Accounting become a Ukie Partner

Plus Accounting recently became a partner of Ukie, the trade body for games and interactive entertainment in the UK.

Corporation Tax - what you need to know

There has been only one rate of corporation tax since April 2015 when the extra rate for profits over £300,000 was finally phased out.

Trusts - what you need to know

The use of trusts for tax planning has been continually restricted by HMRC over the last 20-30 years as they perceive that they are mainly used to avoid tax by what they consider to be unfair means.

Staff Perks - all you need to know

It is fairly well known that employees can spend up to £150 per person per year on events (typically meals out, Christmas parties, etc.) without having to worry about income tax being charged to the staff members.

How to protect your business and avoid putting it at risk

At our July workshop we were joined by speakers from Square One Financial Planning LLP and Rix & Kay Solicitors to discuss 'How to protect your business and avoid putting it at risk'.

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