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An Update on Personal Investment Companies

The improvement in the economy means that well run SME’s are returning to higher levels of profitability and while this gives business owners the opportunity to draw out more profit, many are reluctant to do so because they do not wish to incur high personal tax liabilities.

Self-assessment tax returns – An Overview on Penalties and Surcharges

No-one enjoys incurring penalties for late payment or filing and it is in everyone’s interest to avoid such fines. However, unfortunately it is sometimes inevitable due to unforeseen circumstances or events.

Pensions are Changing Again – Do You Need to Take any action before 5 April 2016?

The amount you can pay into a pension scheme each year has been reducing and the limit is currently at £40,000. However from this April those with income over £150,000 per year will have this limit cut and once income is above £210,000 the annual limit is only £10,000.

Is 2016 the year of virtual reality?

It has been tipped that 2016 will be the breakthrough year for virtual reality and it will become part of our everyday lives.

Are you ready for the new audit threshold?

Government plans to increase the audit threshold for accounting periods starting on or after 1 January 2016 have continued despite the ICAEW raising concerns that these thresholds are too high and will impact on the quality of financial reporting.

Furnished Properties - Wear and Tear Allowance

From April 2016 the wear and tear allowance available on furnished properties will be abolished.

Restricting Tax Relief for Mortgage Interest - what is the position?

From April 2017 the government will restrict tax relief for mortgage interest payments to individual landlords to the basic rate of tax. The restriction will be brought in over four years.

Meet the Team - Peter Hedgethorne 10 Questions...

Want to get to know Peter - take a look at our 10 questions now...

And finally………….. Some good news for Property Owners?

Since April 2013 landlords of partly furnished properties have not been able to claim for the cost of replacing items such as furniture, carpets, or stand-alone white goods.

Accounting in Healthcare - Key Points to Consider

Accounting in the healthcare industry can be quite overwhelming at times for both the practice manager and the partners.
Here are some useful points to be considered and some potential cost saving notes.

Xerocon – 2 day conference 2016

Every year a 2 day conference is held in London to showcase the upcoming features, hot topics and new opportunities available to Xero customers.

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