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Update: Advantages of using Personal Investment Companies

A little while ago, I wrote about the advantages of using Personal Investment Companies and I am pleased to say that this has generated a lot of interest. I believe that one of the main reasons is due to the fact that company owners are often reluctant to draw all of the profits out of their company and pay higher rates of tax.

Does Online Accounting work For Franchises?

At Plus Accounting we are big fans of online accounting products such as Xero and Sage One. Having your accounts data in the cloud gives you as a business owner, access to the most up to date information about your business which allows you to make informed decisions.

Tax Pledges – will the Conservatives keep their promise?

Now that the dust has settled on the General Election frenzy, and we settle down to five years of non-coalition Conservative government, shall we recall what the Tories promised to do on taxation in their election manifesto?

All you need to know: The rise of the Franchise

Over the past 20 years there has been a dramatic shift in the nature of the UK economy as areas such as franchising have grown from a small niche market into a booming industry.

Prime Minister seeks to deliver on pre-election promise to GPs

Following his re-election as Prime Minister, David Cameron has wasted little time in trying to deliver on his pre-election manifesto, with the promise of a ‘new deal for general practice’.

SME Auto Enrolment - is your business ready?

SME Auto Enrolment - is your business ready?

Setting targets and forecasting

Setting targets for your business is not just a question of simply stating where you would like to be in a year's time. Giving yourself accurate targets to work towards involves knowing how you are performing now and having a good idea of how you will be performing in the future.

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