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Tax Breaks for Entrepreneurs

For entrepreneurs, growth can be spurred by government tax breaks and in the run up to the election, the parties need to think how they can continue to help growing businesses as well as those that are just starting out.

Budget 2015 - Phasing out of Tax returns – how will this affect you?

No doubt there was a sigh of relief from a lot of people when the phasing out of tax returns was announced in the Budget (“our Christmas/New Year/skiing holiday will no longer be interrupted by thoughts of the 31 January tax return deadline”)

Budget 2015 – What changes were made to Entrepreneurs' Relief?

Some commentators were fearing that there would be changes to the 10% tax rate which applies to the sale of a partnership interest or the sale of shares in a limited company, widely considered to be a generous relief.

Budget 2015 - Boost for innovation & SMEs

The 2015 Budget was a positive one for small innovative businesses with various measures to be introduced by the Government in a bid to accelerate growth in technology SMEs and to assist UK entrepreneurs to generate the next version of Twitter or Facebook in the UK.

Budget 2015 – Inheritance Tax Anticipation

There was plenty of anticipation of changes to the inheritance tax regime before yesterday’s Budget, in particular a possible increase in the lifetime allowance from the £325,000 where it has been stuck for the last 6 years, given the potential popularity for such a change amongst voters.

Budget 2015 The abolition of Employers National Insurance – how does this affect your employees?

The Chancellor announced the abolition of Employers National Insurance for employee’s under 21 from April this year and for apprentices under the age of 25 from April next year.

Budget 2015 – Income Tax and National Insurance – is it good news for you?

The Budget delivered some welcome news with changes to Personal Allowances, Basic Rate Limits and National Insurance.

It's Not You It's Me - Guest Blog Lime Consultancy

Probably the lamest line ever used to end a relationship, and never a line that is used that often in business.

However, it is actually a very apt explanation to explain why businesses often fail to obtain borrowing or get turned down for lending when they least expect it.

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