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Tax Avoidance Schemes - Are you aware of the rules?

So HMRC has raised £24bn tax in the last tax year, more than 15% up on the previous year. Apparently most of this income is the result of cracking down on tax avoidance schemes, and I am sure that those who have paid up following successful pursuit by HMRC through the Court will receive little sympathy from the public and will be making very little protest at their fate.

Is Brighton ready for the 2014 World Cup?

Is it me or does there seem to be a lot less hype about this year’s World Cup? The tournament kicks off on 12 June in Brazil and this normally signifies the start of a busy, hectic and drink-fuelled summer in Brighton – however this time around I am not so sure?!

Workshop - Thinking inside the Box - Maximise your Assets

Our third workshop took place at Sussex Innovation Centre on 3 June and proved to be a subject that generated a lot of debate from local businesses.

Loopholes in the new Pension Rules

Plenty of publicity recently about loopholes in the new pension rules which were announced to great enthusiasm by the Chancellor in his Budget in March.

Alternative Business Funding - Guest Blog

The word 'alternative' can get you thinking of unusual or second best, after all the very definition of 'alternative' is an option against something else. As far as business funding is concerned 'alternative' relates to anything that is not bank finance.

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