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Regulations and rate changes due to come into force now

the adult rate (21 years plus) has increased by 12p to £6.31 an hour
the 18-20 year old rate has increased by 5p to £5.03 an hour
the 16-17 year old rate has increased by 4p to £3.72 an hour
the apprentice rate has increased by 3p to £2.68 an hour

Self Assessment Advice & NSPCC Challenge

Can you provide advice on areas such as buy to let properties, capital gains & self assessment & NSPCC challenge figures

“High Income Child Benefit Charge” – Do you think this is a fair tax?

Families who receive child benefit where at least one parent earns more than £50,000 a year should have registered for Self-Assessment with HMRC before 5 October 2013 or they could face stiff penalties.

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