Start planning now for the end of the tax year

22nd February 2013

Start planning now

With the end of the tax year – 5 April – soon to be upon us, now is the time
to identify and act upon any planning opportunities.

Your goals should include:

1. Making the most of your tax-free allowances

2. Keeping your marginal rate of tax as low as possible

3. Maintaining the right spread between income and capital

4. Considering the longer term implications of inheritance tax and care costs

We can help you with all of these objectives by careful identification of the right strategies.

Please get in touch for an informal chat. This is particularly important if you haven’t met with your own accountant recently as much has changed in recent months and you could be missing out.

Paying what you owe is not the same as paying more than you need to!

For more information on the sort of steps you can take, download our
Year End Tax Planning guide – you could be glad you did!

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