Resource Problems at HMRC

11th June 2015

Resource Problems at HMRC


HMRC are having difficulties sorting out their resource allocation in an effort to become more IT efficient, and it is causing plenty of issues with taxpayers. 

In addition to the long delays in dealing with correspondence (which agents like ourselves have been grappling with for months), there are now issues surfacing in relation to the new relief for married couples which only seems to be available to those with email addresses and mobile phones (we are promised a “human” helpline by September), and late return penalties which are being waived because there is no one to plough through the masses of appeals received at the tax offices. 

I cannot fault HMRC for wanting to embrace electronic communication, from both cost saving and efficiency angles, but it does not seem to have got the balance quite right at the moment. 


Written by Peter Hedgethorne, Director at Plus Accounting

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