Profit Potential

23rd August 2013

Are your accountants doing everything they should be?

At Plus Accounting, we offer a lot more than basic tax and accounting services - we also offer business advisory services designed to help you improve your profitability.

We can use the information and insights we gain in doing your basic accounting work to help you identify ways to improve your performance and boost your bottom line.


Identifying unrealised potential

Take your profit and loss (P&L) statement, for example. In itself, it simply provides a historical record of how your business has already performed - it does not explain how to improve your performance in the future.

But our advisory services can enable you to use your P&L statement to determine:

  • Where there is unrealised profit potential
  • What is blocking the realisation of that potential
  • How to remove those blockages

We can analyse your entries using various ratios such as:

  • Gross profit/sales
  • Profit before tax/sales
  • Contribution/overheads
  • Net profit before interest/interest

This type of close examination will reveal areas where there could be unrealised profit potential. These might include…

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