I want to employ an apprentice, what do I need to consider?

29th July 2013

HR update  

Employee engagement best practice techniques
Are you looking to improve employee engagement within your business?
Here we provide some key principles for best practice, from identifying what makes the workplace uninteresting, to communicating to employees that they are valued.
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Thinking about employing an apprentice?
Do the skills you want to impart exist within your organisation? Read our checklist for things to consider when employing apprentices.
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Case study: Social media bullying and harassment



What’s on the horizon?

Did you know that from the 29th July users of the Employment Tribunal will be expected to pay the service fees instead of the taxpayer. Issuing an unfair dismissal case will be £230 and the ‘hearing fee’ will be £950.
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 Plans for employee shareholders approved

In return for giving up certain statutory rights, individuals can receive shares from their employer of between £2,000 and £5,000. Implementation from the 1st September 2013. Read more

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