Have you heard? - Xero Roadshow 2015

27th April 2015

Have you heard? - Xero Roadshow 2015


On Tuesday 21 April, Andy, Carina and I attended the Xero Roadshow in Brighton, to learn about the latest Add-ons and features Xero has to offer. We have been attending the Roadshows for a number of years and it was great to see how popular it has now become. From the initial turnout of about 30 people to Tuesday’s 100 plus delegates, it was a great show of support from the local community.

We started off the morning walking around the Add-on stalls. There was an Add-on which dealt with the retail point of sale software, linking customers, payments and inventory while talking to Xero at the same time and reporting the sales for all your departments. There were Add-on’s that can collect your receipts and bills and then import your data on to Xero. This is a brilliant feature, especially if you want someone else to deal with the posting of all your receipts. Receipt Bank and Datamolino seem like the perfect option, if you want to save time on data input.

Do you keep a mileage log? There is an app which can record all of it for you, and it can also be used as an Add-on with Xero. Tripcatcherapp calculates your journey, your mileage claim using Google maps and HMRC approved mileage rates, and then posts it all to Xero. This is a great way of keeping a record of all your mileage in real-time!

We attended a variety of seminars throughout the day with Xero showing us new features, tips and updating us on Xero’s worldwide progress. With Xero’s own financial reports being disclosed in the next couple of days, it’s clear they are making great progress in their market and Xero is currently the number one choice for a cloud accounting package.

Xero Payroll is the largest new feature to go live from the 1 April 2015 and it looks great, dealing with RTI submissions and everything a basic payroll package should deal with, alongside all the customising options you should need.

Do you deal with your own payroll in house, thinking of changing your accounting package and want one accounting package that deals with it all? Why not give Xero a go, there’s currently a 14 day free trial available online.

If you are interested feel free to contact me for a free demo at Plus Accounting. 


Written by Emma Hardwick, Assistant Manager 

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