Guide Looking At Key UK Economic Indicators...

8th August 2014

                        This guide looks at key UK economic indicators...

Following a period of faster than anticipated growth at the end of 2013, the economy has continued to strengthen with consistent growth throughout the first half of 2014.

We look at a number of key economic indicators and the economic prospects for the coming months.


  • Mortgage lending: The rise in house prices has led to a rise in the share of high loan to income mortgages, should we be concerned?
  • Employment: Unemployment fell and the number of employed people increased but what do the figures really mean?
  • Inflation: Inflation increased to 1.9% in the year to June 2014 but what were the main contributors to this rise?
  • Interest rates: The interest rate has been set at 0.5% since March 2009, find out what Mark Carney thinks will happen considering our recent economic growth


We also look at the business opportunities available to you and your business - are you missing out?

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