Growth Vouchers – do you still have a voucher to use?

5th June 2015

Growth Vouchers – do you still have a voucher to use?


We recently became an approved Growth Voucher Advisor within the Finance & Cash-flow Category. 

Growth Vouchers is a Government backed scheme to help small businesses in England grow, take a look at our profile of the Enterprise Nation MarketPlace. 

We are fully aware that the most recent Government scheme ceased on 31 March but there may still be some companies who have a voucher and have not yet chosen an advisor. You must use any vouchers you have and submit your claim before the voucher expiry date. 

There is plenty going on in the background and we are excited to see and hear about the new developments. 

Have you heard about the opportunities channel? The opportunities channel is being launched shortly and aims to bring you small business opportunities from ‘big business’ and government. There are five categories Finance, Ideas, Markets, People and Support. 


Watch this space for more information…

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