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4th December 2017

The MSc Entrepreneurship and Innovation Research Project is an opportunity for companies and master-level students of the University of Sussex to collaborate for mutual benefit. Companies may suggest a topic of their interest that will be refined together with a faculty member of the Business & Enterprise Group. Each company will be assigned a group of students working on the company challenge. Depending on the focal project, students can take an observing role, actively participate in the operations, or conduct external research for the company. A final project report will be made available to the company. All information will be treated confidentially. 

Topics of potential interest

The following are areas where students can support businesses. This is, however, a non-exhaustive list and we are open to considering other areas of interest. 

  • New Market Development
  • Innovation
  • Business Growth
  • Internationalisation
  • Entrepreneurial Finance
  • Business Support
  • Business Model Innovation
  • Employment Relations

Student selection process 

Students can work in groups of max three in a business. Special care will be placed to matching students with companies based on their skills and abilities. The Supervisory Team will be responsible for this task. 


The amount of involvement of each group with the business will be negotiated with each individual business. It might range from several scheduled meetings over a 3-4 months period to more intensive involvement in other tasks to support the entrepreneurs. 


Students will be given clear guidance by the Research Project Module Convenor and be provided with specific questions to write a research report of 7500 words. The report will be submitted at the beginning of September 2018 and will be shared with the respective entrepreneurs. 

Timeline of activities

  • February- March 2018 – The interested companies have been identified
  • March 2018 – Companies meet with the Supervisory teams in order to refine the question to be given to students
  • April 2018 – Students are briefed on their company project
  • May 2018 – Students submit proposals on how they will answer the questions
  • September 2018 – Final reports to be submitted to the School and the respective business  

Contact with the businesses 

The members of staff responsible for the Company Projects will be engaging in regular contact with participating businesses to ensure the company projects run according to the expectations of all parties involved. 

This Research Project provides real world experience for the student whilst bringing fresh ideas into the business and all work is completed in confidence. 

If you think that this is of interest to your business, please get in touch with Kate Thorpe, Business Liaison Manager, School of Business, Management and Economics at University of Sussex.

Kate Thorpe: 01273 873619 or


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